Kids' menus: Why it’s time for a revamp

Kids' menus: Why it’s time for a revamp

Stop ordering food from kids' menus and push for a complete revamp!

kids' menus

Kids’ menus at restaurants are often too oily, fried or overly sweet.

Every time you and your family go out to eat at a restaurant, do you immediately zero in on the offered kids’ menu for your children? While this may usual for you, it is time to put an end to it. Did you know that most of the foods listed in any restaurant’s kids’ menus are usually unhealthy and could lead to child obesity?

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Unhealthy kids’ menus

If you look closely at these menus, the food selection typically consists of something fried and overly sweet. Compared to the food on the discerning adults’ menus, the children’s food items are often pre-made, frozen then reheated and laden with calories. If your children constantly eat this type of food, it will not be surprising if they end up lethargic, obese and unhealthy.

Kid's menus

In Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, he tries to change the unhealthy diets of children.

World-renowned chef Jamie Oliver has always been a strong advocate of changing kids’ menus in schools and restaurants. During his visits all over America and the United Kingdom, he noticed that the choices given to children were generally devoid of fresh vegetables, fruits and healthier alternatives. This is one of the reasons why children as young as 1-year-old are hesitant in eating different varieties of fresh and nutritious food since they were more commonly exposed to burgers, chicken nuggets, sausages and waffles.

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But if the kids’ menus in the restaurants are not healthy, why do parents continuously present it as an option to their children? Read on to find out why.

Parents allow their child to eat from the kids’ menus because they want their kids to eat and they refuse to fight with their kids over food in public. When they are out, they want to have a great time and not to have to berate their children to eat their veggies.

Fortunately, there is a way to make children eat healthier food at restaurants. This can be done via a kids’ menu revamp.

kids' menus

Kids’ menus can be tweaked to be healthier and also appealing to them.

Change it up

While having a kids’ menu in the restaurant is recommended, the food that they serve should be tweaked to satisfy the parents’ concerns yet appeal to the little ones’ palette. Here’s how it can be done:

• Burger patties should be made fresh everyday instead of pre-made and frozen. Beef may be substituted with turkey or bean curd patties for healthier options.

• For desserts, fresh fruits should be added to the menu. Make the fruit appealing by arranging it in a fun way or adding a delicious dip. A small portion of fruit could even be served with a slice of decadent cake.

• If serving pizza, the pizza dough should be freshly made and topped with fresh and healthy ingredients.

• Instead of the usual fried dishes, restaurants could serve more steamed, sautéed and baked meals for the kids.

• Mini-versions of the adult meals should be offered in the kids’ menus too. If kids are eating what their parents eat at home, there is no reason why they shouldn’t do the same when eating at a restaurant.

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Do you agree with the idea of revamping the kids’ menus in restaurants? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below. Listen to Jamie Oliver passionately fight about revamping kids’ menus in this video:

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