Maintain good family health

Maintain good family health

As a mother and as a wife, I have realized that a family’s wealth is not measured by savings bank accounts and real properties. These things diminish when family members get sick. I would rather have less money but my spouse and children are in the best of health, shares Emilie Baldestamon on how she maintain her family health at an optimum.


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Ways of protecting family health

As a mother and as a wife, I have realized that a family’s wealth is not measured by savings bank accounts and real properties. These things diminish when family members get sick. Aside from the financial constraints sickness and illness brings, it also produces emotional stress which is why I really believe that health is wealth. I would rather have less money but my spouse and children are in the best of health.

When my husband and I were just starting a family, we realized that one way of being healthy aside from proper nutrition and sleep is exercise. We continued going to the gym and playing badminton which we have started since we were still sweethearts.  However, as time passed and I gave birth to our first child, then our second and third child, we became busier with our schedules and we no longer have time to implement our exercise program. Keeping a regular exercise routine became even more difficult especially that we are hands-on parents. As a result, we become more susceptible to stress and sickness.

We reflected on how we can counter the stress, exercise despite our busy schedules and still be engaged with our children, and came up with the following activities that the entire family enjoys.

Family health tip – 1. Walking

Walking is a low-impact exercise that helps an adult or child to stay fit and strong. When we don’t have  much time for exercise, we would walk or stroll with our children around the village.  Not only do we get to exercise our muscles but we also get to socialize with our friends and neighbors.

Family health tip – 2. Jogging

Even with small children, jogging or running can be a very good form of exercise. According to studies, running for 50 miles every week causes good cholesterol to increase and bad cholesterol to decrease. The family can go to a park or to a sports complex where there is a wide open space. This can be a great time for children especially those who love to run and play. Just recently, my friend Emil who works overseas, shared with me that he brings his family to a sports complex where they would walk for a few hundred meters in a 400 meter race track. Then they would jog for the next 200 hundred meters  and sprint the last hundred meters to the finish line. Not only where they able to exercise but they also had great time laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Family health tip – 3. Swimming

It would be great to go to the beach or a swimming pool and wade in the pool with the kids. Most children love water and they want to stay there for hours.  Swimming is a very good fitness exercise.  It isn’t expensive and you won’t have to sweat it out. In addition, it’s also fun to teach your kids how to swim. It is especially good for those who have physical constraints like a bad back.

Family health tip – 4. Bicycle Riding

Cycling is an aerobic exercise which is good for the heart since it lowers bad cholesterol. Adults and children alike will enjoy biking or cycling at the park or around the neighborhood.

Family health tip – 5.  Play the Badminton

Badminton may just be a play for others but this is an ideal exercise routine. It helps people with hypertension,  osteoporosis, diabetes, and excess weight. It’s one exercise that is truly good for the heart according to reasearch. No wonder it has become a popular aerobic sports nowadays. Not only will you be able to improve your health when playing but you will also have pleasurable time playing with your family.

Family health tip – 6. Aerobics

This can be done in the gym or within the comfort of your room with help of a video. You can also try Taebo which is an aerobic exercise routine that combines the moves  of Taekwondo and Boxing. My husband and I together with our two daughters have tried doing this at home by watching a video and it was amazing how my little children can also follow the exercise moves. It was such fun to exercise as a family.

Family health tip – 7. Hip Hop Abs

This includes hip hop dancing that targets the Abs for a firmer, tighter and slimmer belly. My husband and I have tried doing the exercises at home and we really feel great after each exercise. Though it makes us perspire, it helps us accomplish to have smaller and firmer bellies.

Family health tip – 8. Mountain Climbing

This can be considered a rigorous workout but it can be a great experience for you and your children. What is advised is that you start climbing small hills or mountains near your home. Then as you and your children get used to mountain climbing, you can then climb higher mountains. The enjoyment it provides both for your family is worth the climb. This is what one of my friends has experienced. Alma, her spouse and four children would try going up a hill and they would compete who is fastest in going downhill. They even plan to go to a higher mountain and have camping at the foot when the children are older.

Exercise with all the family members provides a lot of fun for both parents and children but it would deepen the intimacy between husband and wife when they spend time on their own to have exercise together. It is also a  time when both will have to think of their own health. For me, I enjoy the times when me and my husband would watch a hip hop abs exercise video and do the dance moves. It was with great satisfaction that we are getting in shape and enjoying our moment together.

These above-mentioned exercises are simple and common but the bonding and closeness between family members are what makes these exercises fun and enjoyable for every parent and child.

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