68-year-old man sentenced to jail for sexual abuse of 11-month-old baby

68-year-old man sentenced to jail for sexual abuse of 11-month-old baby

He was the babysitter's father-in-law and abused the little one when he was alone with her.

What is this world coming to? Will it ever be safe for our little ones? In some shocking news, a man old enough to be a great-grandfather has been jailed for sexual abuse of a baby not even one year old. 

68-Year-Old Man Jailed for Sexual Abuse of 11-Month-Old Baby Girl

It was just a regular day at the babysitter’s for one 11-month-old baby girl in Malaysia on August 20 2018. 

The babysitter needed to head out to settle her road tax and car insurance, according to news reports. So she asked her 68 year old father-in-law, Hashim Karim, to watch the little one. 

When the babysitter came home, she was shocked to find the baby girl crying in her cot. She also saw blood on the little girl’s clothes. More bleeding was spotted later when she gave the baby her bath. 

The baby girl’s parents were told by the babysitter that their little girl had bloody stools. So they took her to the hospital. There, they received some horrifying news. 

jailed for sexual abuse

The baby girl was discovered crying in her cot by the nanny when she returned home. The man responsible has been jailed for sexual abuse. | Image from Shutterstock, for illustration purposes only

“Huge blunt object…” 

The baby girl had an injury caused “by a huge, blunt object forced into her genitals” said the gynaecologist and obstetrician who examined her, say reports. What had happened was truly shocking – the 68-year-old Karim had sexually abused the baby when he was alone with her that fateful day.

He pleaded guilty in courts to sexually abusing the little girl. Moreover, he told his son that he had “inserted his finger into the baby’s vagina”, say reports. 

For his crime, the man has been sentenced to 12 years in jail and two strokes of the cane. 

Jailed for Sexual Abuse – Is the Punishment Enough? How Do We Protect Our Kids? 

Needless to say, we are shocked and saddened by this incident beyond words. At just 11 months old, not even able to talk or walk properly, a baby’s innocence has been shattered by a man old enough to be her great-grandfather. His lifespan has almost reached its end – but her life is just starting. Is his punishment truly enough? 

We don’t know what physical damage the man has inflicted on this child. What about the psychological damage? How about her parents? Their world has come crashing down. 

It’s about time sexual abuse of children stops. And one way we can collectively make this happen is to take a strong stand against it. Watch out for one another’s children. Know the signs of sexual abuse in kids. Understand that molesters are not always scary strangers lurking in a dark corner, but more often than not, trusted people who you know. 

Be wary of whom you entrust your children to. We understand that some families must rely on babysitters and helpers to care for their little ones while they earn a living. But please, screen them carefully, look out for red flags in their behaviour and most importantly, be vigilant for any changes in your child. 

We hope this baby girl recovers fast from the horrible trauma she suffered at the hands of this man. 


Source:Channel NewsAsia

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