DJ Jade Rasif gave birth to baby boy 2 weeks back!

DJ Jade Rasif gave birth to baby boy 2 weeks back!

DJ Jade Rasif has given birth to a baby boy! "On the first week, I accidentally overslept and missed my 3 hour night pump. So my breasts got engorged", she shares...

Singaporean DJ Jade Rasif has revealed that she gave birth 2 weeks back. And it's a baby boy!

She made the big reveal on her YouTube talk show Real Talk on 30 December 2018. 

DJ Jade Rasif gives birth 

Calling it her highlight of 2018, Jade Rasif said, "I had a baby two weeks ago". 

Jade made news in November 2018, when she revealed on Real Talk that she was more than 7 months into her pregnancy. What was shocking though, is that her belly was no more than a tiny bump! 

Jade Rasif

Apparently, her sister, Tyen Rasif, who is a pre- and post-natal certified personal trainer, had helped her with her training and workout plan.

(If you are wondering about the baby's father, Jade had disclosed on the show earlier that she had conceived the baby in a Bentley, parked at Beauty World Carpark. And that, even though the baby's dad had proposed to her, she has no intention of marrying him.)

One of the best things about her experience as a new mother so far is breastfeeding. She said it is a very satisfying experience and the biggest change in her life.

But to date, she has never changed the baby's diaper. So far, a nanny has been doing it.

During this episode of Real Talk, her three c0-hosts also tried some of her expressed breast milk! One thought it tasted more like water!

But before she made it back to the show, she had quite the eventful first couple of weeks. Jade revealed she ended up back in the hospital after her breasts got engorged, "On the first week, I accidentally overslept and missed my 3 hour night pump...So my breasts got engorged. Because they were too the milk ducts got clogged."

"And then I ended up being rushed back to hospital, and I had like a 39 degree fever", she said.

Watch her co-hosts reactions to drinking her breastmilk in the video below:

Tips to treat breast engorgement

Meanwhile, for all new mums out there, here are some tips to treat breast engorgement:

  • Breastfeed frequently. Ensure that the baby is latching properly
  • Apply a warm, moist compress or take a warm shower to encourage milk let down
  • Wear a well-fitted nursing bra
  • Massage the breast before every milk expression
  • Apply a cold pack or cold cabbage on the breast between feedings to help reduce swelling
  • Express a little milk (by hand or by pump) before baby latches on
  • Take doctor-approved pain medication

See a doctor soon if you experience the following symptoms with breast engorgement:

  • Fever
  • Sharp pain in the breasts
  • The breasts and nipples become red
  • A hard bulging lump on the breast
  • Swollen lymph nodes on other parts of the body 
  • Pus-like liquid or a foul-smelling liquid oozing from the nipple

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