Singaporean DJ Jade Rasif On Her First Pregnancy

Singaporean DJ Jade Rasif On Her First Pregnancy

Can you believe she is over seven months into her pregnancy?!

Every woman’s pregnant bellies are different. Some women look like they’re about to pop when they’re only four months in the pregnancy. Others have tiny bellies. Singapore celebrity DJ Jade Rasif is one of those mummies-to-be whose belly is pretty compact, even at seven months!

During her YouTube talk show Real Talk, Jade revealed that she was more than seven months pregnant

DJ Jade Rasif more than seven months pregnant

dj jade rasif

Source: Youtube

She revealed on the show that she conceived the baby in a Bentley, parked at Beauty World Carpark. Sex in public, even though it is in your private cars, is considered against the law.

As long as the act is visible to the public, those involved in the act could be prosecuted for indecency.

She added that the reason she kept quiet for this long about the pregnancy, was due to a potential stalker. And she was worried that he might have assumed the baby was his (watch the video below for more on the stalker). 

However, what is shocking is that her belly was just no more than a tiny bump, despite being seven months into her pregnancy! 

Many didn’t believe this Jade Rasif baby tummy is about seven months!

dj jade rasif

Source: Youtube screengrab

Thousands of netizens chimed in, mostly in disbelief over her tiny belly. To address this, Jade has shared her diet and workout plan throughout her pregnancy.

Her sister, Tyen Rasif, is a pre- and post-natal certified personal trainer, who helped her with her training. To no surprise, no one noticed or suspected that Jade was pregnant, and she even continued working up till the seventh month of her pregnancy.

dj jade rasif

Source: Youtube

Jade says the baby boy is due soon and even though the father of the baby proposed to her, she has no intention of marrying him (but she kept the ring!). 

Read the comments that netizens left!

Singaporean DJ Jade Rasif On Her First Pregnancy

dj jade rasif

Source: Youtube

Watch the full reveal video here.

What to expect when you’re seven months pregnant

This is the last stretch of your pregnancy! In your last trimester, your baby has grown to be almost full-sized. Space will become a problem for the baby, and he or she might be pushing your pelvic area, making you feel like you want to pee more often. 

You might be sleeping less, too, just due to your sheer belly size! Sleeping with extra pillows would help in this case.

Your baby’s development is also pretty sophisticated. Your baby can taste! The baby tastes flavours through the amniotic fluids, which is dependent on what you consume. But your baby would have already been accustomed to the flavours you have been eating.

During this time, your baby’s lungs are also preparing for birth, to breathe. This is a crucial month for the baby’s development. He is exercising in your womb, to build his muscles. The brain and nervous system is going through great growth taking this month. And your little one is developing the ability to regulate his body temperature.

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(Featured image: YouTube screengrab)

What are your thoughts on DJ Jade’s tiny bump? 

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