Latching and unlatching during feeds

Latching and unlatching during feeds

How do you latch and unlatch your baby during breastfeeding feeds?

How do I position the baby to latch on?

The baby should be positioned so that she is not only taking in the nipple into her mouth, but part of the breast as well at the areola area.

Lift your breast with your palm and offer the nipple as well as the breast to the baby. Do not pinch the nipple or the breast or try to push the nipple into the baby‘s mouth. Touch the baby‘s lips with your nipple. As soon as she opens her mouth wide and shows interest in feeding, latch her onto your breast. The nipple should be inserted above the centre of the baby‘s mouth, so that it points towards the palate.

How do I know the baby is latched on correctly?

To make sure that your baby is positioned properly at the breast, check for the following:

 Your baby‘s entire body, including her neck, shoulder and abdomen, should be facing you and close to your body. Her chin should touch the breast.

 Her mouth should be wide open with her lips curled outwards.

 The baby‘s lips should cover most if not all of the areola area. If the areola is big, some of it may still be visible even if the baby is latched properly.

 The baby should be sucking in a slow, deep manner

 There should not be any pain on your nipple.

 Your baby should be swallowing rhythmically

How do I remove the baby from the breast?

If you need to unlatch the baby from the breast before the feed is finished, do not pull her forcefully away. First, break the suction by pressing her chin downwards or by putting your finger between her cheek and your breast and then press the breast gently away from her.

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