5 Crazy fun indoor activities in Singapore for parents to try next date night out

5 Crazy fun indoor activities in Singapore for parents to try next date night out

Schedule in some 'me time' to fuel your imagination, creativity and emotional well-being.

After the super long school holidays, parents, you must be looking forward to the kids starting school again. Sometimes, you just need a little peace and quiet to yourselves. And that’s totally understandable! Why should the kids be the only ones to have fun this year end? You should be able to, too! So we’ve compiled a list of indoor activities in Singapore for adults for you to unwind and relax. 

Drop the kids off with your in-laws or parents just for a day while you and your spouse get that MUCH-NEEDED “couple’s time” and enjoy a date day (or weekend!) off. 

You don’t even have to feel guilty about leaving the kids behind. In fact, time away from parenting duties can give your physical and mental health a boost. Playing, having fun or relaxing releases feel-good hormones that will ultimately make you a better parent when you go back to the kids! And it definitely improves your relationship with your spouse.

So if you’re looking for indoor activities in Singapore for adults, we’ve got a list for you: 

5 Indoor activities in Singapore for adults

Forget about work and commitments. Socialise and have fun in unstructured, creative ways.  And, remember to focus on the actual experience, not on accomplishing any goal.

1. Competitive fun at an auction

indoor activities in singapore for adults

Source: Singapore Business Review

Experience the buzz of a good auction at HotLotz Auction House. This Singapore marketplace is a great avenye for people to buy and sell contemporary, vintage and antique home furnishings and décor. Established in 2016, it is a great place for you to hunt for the next piece de resistance for your home.

Auction goers say the fun and suspense make the evening worthwhile. Some even say it’s like attending a game show without being on television. HotLotz has weekly Interiors and Antiques auctions that offer an eclectic mix of furniture and home décor items. There is a fresh selection of products weekly as well as new items consigned from some of Singapore’s largest furniture retailers.

2. Unwinding with some R&R

A soothing facial or a full body massage can do wonders for your mind, body and soul. Indulge in a few hours of pampering at some of the best spas in Singapore. One option is the beautiful So Spa in Sentosa. Jump into a stunning swimming pool, a mud pool or head to the calming meditative labyrinth. Another option is Yunomori Onsen and Spa at Kallang Wave Mall. Here, you can soak in the mineral-rich, warm onsen baths. There are 5 onsens baths for women and 6 for men.

Get back your creativity 

Indoor Activities In Singapore For Adults

Pursuing fun activities can help prevent memory problems and improve brain function. | Image Source: Pexels

3. Puzzle solving at an escape room

An escape room is filled with puzzles and scenarios. Get your friends and use clues, hints and strategy to ‘escape’ from these rooms. Consider this quality time with your buddies, a chance to work your puzzle-solving skills, an awesome adrenaline rush and guaranteed photo-ops. There are escape rooms with various game themes – zombies, Halloween and even Avengers – across Singapore. Some popular outlets are Roomraider SGTrapped Escape Room Singapore and Xcape Singapore.

4. Learning a new skill

Keep the creative juices flowing with classes and workshops designed for adults. Here, you can learn a new skill. It is also a great date night for mum and dads. Options include painting an elephant at Elephant Parade, penning modern calligraphy at The Workroom SG, learning about different teas at the Chinese Tea Appreciation Workshop and brewing your own big cup of coffee at Common Man Coffee Roasters.

5. Go nuts at an indoor theme park

indoor playground at suntec, indoor activities in singapore for adults

Superpark in Singapore is an indoor theme park for all ages! Whether you’re young or old, you can enjoy a day out here with some physically-challenging activities. From playing timed-sports to tech-integrated play, there won’t be a boring moment at Superpark.

Now that you have a list of indoor activities in Singapore for adults, here are some 6 quick reminders for you to take note of so you can enjoy your day out! 

  1. Clear your schedule 
  2. Turn off your phone and other devices
  3. Give yourself permission to do whatever you want during this time
  4. Be spontaneous, set aside your inhibitions
  5. Try something you haven’t done since you were a kid
  6. Enjoy the change of pace

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