How I delivered my 1st baby boy

How I delivered my 1st baby boy

Aruna Mascarenhas shares her first labour story with

My story begins on the 21st of October, 2004 in Goa, India when me and my husband - Terry had just returned home from a silver jubilee party and it was quite late in the night around 12.30 and we were just going to sleep. I started feeling my underpants get wet ,so I went to bathroom to pass urine. When I came out and was about to go to sleep I again felt a warm trickle of fluid down my legs. I seriously thought I had wet my pants. I ran back to the bathroom and changed my underpants and it went up to 3 panties. So I decided to call up my doctor and he told me to get admitted in the hospital soon since my water bag had just bursted.

I was a little confused and very surprised since my delivery date was the 18th of November. Anyway Terry and I took our bags and neccesities and set off for the hospital. When I went in the nurses found that the baby was still very high and there were no chances of the baby getting delivered in a hurry. So I was asked to get a bed and was kept under observation till the next day. The next day my doctor Roque Ribeiro came in and checked on me and decided I was to be induced since quite a lot of fluid had already been discharged through the night.

After I was induced Terry and I had to wait in the labour room. Then came the most important contractions began to start and I became quite restless. The doctor said if I walked about, the baby would come much sooner. So every time I had a contraction, I would just walk about and feel very uneasy. To my surprise, my contractions were very manageable for me. I had a higher pain tolerance level than I thought. (Although many people had told me once the contractions started you tend to scream and shout). Finally, came the moment when I started to feel heaviness in my lower abdomen like as if I was going to pass stools and the pain began increasing. I told Terry I needed to pass motion and that I was feeling very uneasy. He told me to relax and wait for sometime.

Then hell broke and I yelled with pain and told Terry to call the doctor at once, maybe the baby is coming. He did so and the nurse came in to check on me and yes I was right - the baby's head had reached low. The nurse called the doctor immedietly and he gave me an injection with which my vaginal potion became numb and the delivery began I had to push and push till I started to get tired. The doctor said I couldn't give up now since the baby was almost popping out. So I had to push and push till the head was out and then the rest of the body came out. My labour was for about 35mins or so and yes it wasn't all that bad. And there was our little bundle of joy, our first child and baby boy born on the 22nd of October 2004 at 14.36hrs in the afternoon and weighed 2.9kgs, hail and hearty.

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