Birth of my Elvan

Birth of my Elvan

Paulene shares her labour story with

My #2 birth story was quite predictable when my Gynae said he had to induce labour @ 38weeks. My gynae was afraid that I would have difficulty pushing my baby as he was weighing approx. 3.6kg.
I admitted on Sun 06 June 2011 at 6pm, and was given prostine. My Gynae predicted I would probably give birth the next day around evening time hence he didn't came down at all. That evening, I had mild contractions and didn't really sleep well cuz hubby had to go back as it was already 9pm.

The next day came. I was inserted with prostine again. I took my breakfast, time passed so slowly in the delivery suite.  I hated the epidural cuz it seeemed more painful than my #1. Perhaps different doc. It was so weird when the nurse requested my hubby to leave the room when administering the epidural. Even inserting a simple drip was so painful, those trainees docs!

I had to insert a 3rd prostine. Gynae came to check around lunch time, saying he would be back about 5pm. At 5pm, gynae checked my dilation. Yes 10cm!  Finally! But by then, I was tired with no energy to push. As usual, I forgot how to push the right way. =p

Roughly about 30mins of pushing, at 0543hrs, my cute little bundle of joy was born on 070611!

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