The birth process of my 1st baby boy!

The birth process of my 1st baby boy!

Tiffany Yip shares her labour story with

4th Sept 2009

Here is the birth process of my 1st baby boy!

Finally after 39 weeks and 3 days, my baby wants to come out to see the ME!!


- woke up and went to toilet. found blood discharge (like menses)
- informed my mum, bathe, had breakfast.
- logged on to forum and announced to other Sep mummies that my day has come.
- mum ask me to take chicken essence so that i have energy.


- reached Mount Alvernia and was taken to the delivery ward.


- changed into the delivery robe, put on CTG and nurse checked for dilation.
- 3cm dilate and she insert the solution for clearing the bowels.
- within 2 min, feeling came; went toilet and cleared off everything. nicee...


- my gynae came and also did a check on my dilation and at the same time broke my water bag and still commented that "woah.. so much water"
- From the CTG chart, gynae said that i was having contractions already but i did not feel anything.
- Was put on normal drip and see how I progress.
- Nurse inform me that by evening I should deliver.
- Contractions starts to come every 1 min. Pain was still bearable as I know it will be gone in a few seconds.


- afternoon shift nurse came and explain to me of the different types of pain relief. And also teach me how to breath in and out when the pain comes. (As i did not attend the pre labour class.)

1500+ pm

- the pain is getting stronger and stronger each min. I don't know at what time, nurse came in to check on me and ask whether I want laughing gas or not. So i decided to take that.
- At first, I still can take off the mask when the pain is gone and mask on when pain comes.
- But as time goes by, the whole mask is on my face all the time, till I dont even know whether I dozed off or not. Neither did I know what time is it.
- What I can remember is a nurse came in to check on my dilate and encouraged me to take the painkiller on the backside. She say can wait till my gynae come, then at the same time can inject for me.
- I think i heard her saying that i am 4cm dilate but i do not know what is the timing.
- My hubby finally came but i was too tired to talk to him. Thought he can't make it.
- When I heard that the gynae came, i was very happy, cos thought can take injection since i am only 4cm dilate. The painkiller can last for 3-4hrs only.
- But when he check, i am actually 7cm dilate, so cannot take injection and have to keep waiting . . .
- Nurse told me that when i feel like shitting, means its anytime already. baby is coming.
- Finally, feeling of shitting come already. But I was 9cm dilate, not fully dilate. So still need to wait.
- The feeling is like having constipation where you can't shit out but it just wants to come out. I was told not to push yet.
- Nurses starts preparing the equipment and called my gynae in.
- Seeing all these preparation, I was glad that the time has come. . .
- Shitting feeling came, breath in and hold and push ..
- I was scolded a few times by the nurses for pushing wrongly. I am glad that my gynae told the nurses don't scold me.


- So after at least 4-5 times of pushing, baby is finally out and put onto my tummy.
- Stitching up by gynae
- Hubby photo-taking of baby

The experience is amazing. . . wonderful journey that i want to remember forever.

Baby is still in hospital for another 5 days due to G6PD. Because i have G6PD.

Gender: boy
Weight: 3100g

Here ends my story of the birth process of my 1st baby boy!

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Tiffany Yip

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