Stairway to heaven: a spicy sex position for beyond the bedroom!

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This position takes you out of the bedroom and into someplace more interesting — the staircase. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

For all those who are curious: which is more sensitive—the penis or the clitoris?  

Well, the clitoris has a concentration of nerves that reaches approximately 8000 in number, whereas the head of the penis has 4000 nerves. So, go figure.

Positions in previous weeks have been bedroom bound but let’s venture outside and take things up a notch. (Make sure that your kids are asleep or out of the house when you try this on your home stairs!)

Ready for a steady climb?

Before getting to the first step, engage in a little flirtatious behaviour.  Strip bit by bit as you lead your man up the stairs or better yet you may crawl up the stairs and show off your behind in the process. He will surely enjoy the full view—naked or otherwise.

As suggested in the illustration below, you can use the handrail for support so you won’t tumble down the stairs. Allow him to enter you from behind as you sit top of him.

Your man can hold on to you with one hand while the other hangs on to the handrail. This position is not that difficult as both parties are sitting down.

Stairway to heaven: a spicy sex position for beyond the bedroom!

Illustration by Felicia Chin

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Written by

Felicia Chin