Ladies, here's how to help your man to multiple orgasms

Ladies, here's how to help your man to multiple orgasms

Read on if you're keen on prolonging the duration of pleasuring each other in bed. The article offers techniques that can help a man achieve multiple orgasms.

The most important thing when it comes to good sex is self-control, patience and communication. Help each other control your orgasms and ejaculations by communicating, especially for men who tend to rush in and make ends meet in sminutes.

The art of offlexing the pubococcygeal muscle

The pubococcygeal(PC) muscle is located in between our private part and anus – a muscle that controls urine when ejaculation occurs, which is also where you can learn how to control your ejaculation by pressing that muscle.

This allows one to train themselves for multiple orgasms without ejaculations (also known as dry orgasms). Don’t be shy to ask your partner to help press that muscle for you. It’d be sexy.

Tell your partner when you are climaxing so she knows what to do. The PC muscle will be strengthened over time and no pressing on is necessary in the long run.

Understanding his orgasm

Orgasm doesn’t necessarily travel together with ejaculation although that’s usually the case for men. When the sexual tension, lust, and arousal reaches a peak and the energy releases at the same time, that’s basically orgasm.

Mini-orgasms happen as well when a man is controlling his ejaculation.


Take your time and don’t rush. Control your stimulation every time when you are about to climax. Take a deep breath and exhale very slowly, releasing all sexual tension and energy.

Slow down all body movements and slowly come to a halt. Retract your penis to prevent ejaculation followed by relaxing your all your body muscles.

Enjoy the orgasm you just had before starting the game again. It is also advisable to move on to a different position for more adventurous sex. Don’t forget to communicate with each other when reaching climax to avoid pre-ejaculation from either one of you.

His point of no return

When a man ejaculates, it is usually not that easy to get him on again for the second round. Some men stop for hours, some even for days depending on age, health and personality – answer to most women’s question on the reasons their man could only go once.

Always remember there is a huge advantage when a man could learn how to control his ejaculation – he’ll be rewarded with multiple orgasms.

The advantage of Multiple Orgasms vs. Ejaculation

Some men think the only way to orgasm is through ejaculation but clearly that’s not true. Orgasms without ejaculating allows a man to pick up the speed of getting aroused and stimulated faster after his first orgasm, making the sex last even longer than planned.

In this case a couple can spend more time in bed practicing their techniques and positions to spice up their sex life. Stand a chance to win the ‘best in bed’ award. Remember, practice makes perfect

Multiple orgasms for her


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