Help your child learn language effectively

Help your child learn language effectively

This week the experts from Berlitz share how language learning can be for everyone as well as how parents can take a more active role in helping their children become more proficient in the target language.

Help your child learn language effectivelyEvery parent has a different motivation for wanting their child to learn a different language but no matter your concerns or motivations, Berlitz has a course and solution for them all.

Berlitz for everyone
Berlitz makes no distinction between demographics or markets when seeking clients. We believe that every child has the right to development regardless of these factors. Naturally, our student body contains children from a broad range of cultures, education levels, and economic backgrounds.

Going international
Some parents wish to get their child exposed to the international system at an early age and would like to better the chances of their child getting into international schools here.

Berlitz language courses are ideal as they allow for these students to get up to speed in their oral capability so that their study of the grammar of the target language at school can be better handled. Essentially Berlitz gives parent the option of better preparing their child for the language challenges they might face in school or outside.

A further reason for enrollments of children at Berlitz is obviously mobility. Parents want their children to have more opportunities overseas for further study and or better job opportunities outside of their home countries.

Of course the experts from Berlitz understand that learning should not stop in the classroom and advocate the important role parents play in helping their children achieve language efficiency at home. That is why Berlitz would like to share their top tips on how to empower parents with the knowledge to complement the language teachers at Berlitz in order to better achieve effective rate amongst their children.

  • Be involved
    Be sure to check what has been taught in their classes and maintain good communication with their teachers. Use this to help your child to practice what has been taught in homework activities.
  • Importance of routine
    Make sure that you provide a suitable time for your child to practice speaking every day. Meal time is a good time for example and a great time to get everyone involved in the practice of speaking.
  • Be a good role model
    Being involved may mean more than just looking at your child’s books. Children learn best from studying others and it is always a great idea learn the language yourself so that you can help model language with your child.
  • Provide the proper tools
    Choosing the right books, magazines, DVDs for your child could help bolster their learning at home. To sustain interest, choose media content that your child already likes. For example, if your child has already read Harry Potter in their native language, getting hold of a copy in the target language (provided they have already achieved a level of proficiency that they can handle). Most books can be found in a variety of languages. Of course always remember to keep the language proficiency of your child in mind when selecting something in the target language.
  • Learning auditorily
    Have target language music CDs playing in the background during meal times and/or play times. Nursery rhymes, songs and chants provide repetition and are a great way for a child to develop better retention of language. All of the Kid’s programs offered by Berlitz come with audio CDs. Be sure that your child listens to them as often as possible.
  • Play games
    Playing games that enable correct use of the target language would set the tone that language learning can be fun. For example, have your child identify as many items as they can in your kitchen, have them write the words on flash cards and then label things in the kitchen as quickly as they can.
  • Be understanding and realistic
    Understand that learning a language at any age is difficult. Allow for mistakes and don’t be too strict with the child’s use of the target language. Set realistic goals for your child’s language development. Don’t expect your child to be able to master more complex structures too freely and remember to always commend your child on making efforts to use the language.
  • Get cultural
    Get involved with your child in the culture of the language. If there are events advertised that provide an opportunity for your child to practice the target language, be sure to get them to it. In most cases, at these events, there will be other native speaking kids there, and a great opportunity (and motivation) for your child to use the language in social interaction with native speakers and in network building with peers.
  • Positive reinforcement
    Continue to show (through your own actions and words) that there are many benefits to learning a second or third language. Remember that motivation is key. Keep target language activities fun, not too challenging but challenging enough to be rewarding, and remember to always congratulate your child on their efforts to use the target language.

You can learn more about why Berlitz is not only the best fit for your child but also the most efficient and how language learning could open more doors for your child in the future.


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Wafa Marican

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