How angry toys affect children

How angry toys affect children

Researchers question the harmful effects that negative facial expressions on LEGO toys can have on kids.

harmful effects of lego

Can LEGO toys be harmful for your children?

LEGO toys, and the controversy

According to Yahoo, researchers from New Zealand are questioning how LEGO toys faces have evolved since 1975 and what the harmful effects of LEGO toys are. The trademark of LEGO toys face was a broad smile, however, in recent years, more angry faces have been manufactured than happy.

This made the researchers question how this shift in facial expressions portrayed by LEGO toys could psychologically affect the children playing with them. A study was conducted on how adults interpreted the LEGO toys. When the heads were attached to the bodies, the faces seemed less angry than they were detached.

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However, an adult’s interpretation of the expression on a figurine affects their mental health much less than it would an infant. So although the expression on the face of the LEGO toyis toned down by its body, the harmful effects of LEGO toys will not be any less for a child. This has caused a huge number of parents to question the use of LEGO toys.

LEGO toy

A LEGO toywith a cynical expression

Negative faces, negative thoughts

According to Minnpost, LEGO toys have six emotions: happy, sad, angry, distrust, surprise and fear. This range of faces encourages conflict to be staged out within the figurines; a scene can be created by children with the different facial expressions, most likely a violent scene. This type of promotion of violence can be one of the harmful effects of LEGo toys, which can have a negative impact on children.

Negative toys can produce subconscious thoughts in children, causing them to grow up with a negative imagination. This is one of the harmful effects of LEGO toys that could lead to violent thoughts and cause mental or social problems later in life. Although this seems to be the worst case scenario, and the effects may not be this devastating, the issue of negative toys should not be taken lightly.

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How to deal with your LEGO toys

You shouldn’t resort to immediately getting rid of all of your LEGO toys. These toys can be of use if used the right way. Using only the toys that have happy expressions will reduce the harmful effects of LEGO toys on your child. Another thing that can be done if you own other types of LEGO toys, simply switch the heads so that the fearful or sad toys are not in use.

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What’s your take on this controversy? Will you let your kids still play with LEGO toys? Check out this interview with Christopher Bartneck on the LEGO faces.

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