Choosing baby toys and games to promote growth

Choosing baby toys and games to promote growth

Did you know that you can hasten your baby’s development through play? Opt for fun, stimulating and age-appropriate items when choosing toys and games for your baby. Learn more on how to pick out the perfect toys for your baby and their development.

Choose baby toys and games

We give you the perfect tips on how to choose baby toys and games for your child’s development

In the early stages of a baby’s life, it is through play that developments are made. It is through play that a baby learns how to use the senses and react according to instincts. By playing with toys and games, babies are not only having fun, they are learning too. This is why it is very important to choose baby toys and games wisely so that they are age appropriate and stimulating apart from being fun.

Babies 0 to 6 months

Newborn babies up to 6 months are still on the journey of discovering new things. While these babies are primarily fascinated with their hands and feet, these little angels are very curious with everything that they sense. At this age, parents should choose baby toys and games that further stimulate their senses and allow self-discovery. Toys that have different textures and bright colors are great choices. Also, the toys must be light, soft and considered safe when chewed on.

Teethers, baby rattles, squeeze toys, unbreakable mirrors and musical toys are perfect for babies of this age.
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Babies 6 to 8 months

Infants of this age are usually more aware of their surroundings and want to explore. Choose baby toys and games that showcase cause and effect and age-appropriate adventure. Select toys that encourage a lot of movement too.

Push and pull toys, baby gyms, rubber blocks, pop-up toys and nesting cups will be fitting for babies of this age.

Choose baby toys and games

Check out how to choose baby toys and games for kids older than 8 months

Babies 8 to 18 months

Babies of this age often take action to achieve results. They will repeatedly push or pull something because they know what will happen next. When given toys for younger kids, these babies can already find something else to do with them as imitation and pretend play will start to kick in.

Choose baby toys and games that involve taking it apart/putting it together and shape sorting. Toys with lots of buttons and switches are fun for babies of this age.

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Toy Safety

When you choose baby toys and games, make sure that each one is safe. Don’t disregard warning labels especially ones that warn about small parts and choking hazards. Avoid toys with sharp points and edges as well as strings and cords to prevent injuries and accidents. Be on the constant lookout for recalled toys by checking the Consumer Commissions site.

Babies and Toys

We know you worked really hard just to choose baby toys and games for your child. But don’t be disappointed if your baby doesn’t play with it for more than a minute. Babies have an attention span of, well, a baby. And they are as fascinated with a piece of paper as they are of that very expensive educational toy that you bought. It is best to keep toys simple and scarce during the first few months. What’s most important is playing games with you. Human interaction is more educational than any toy there is.

What is your technique whenever you choose baby toys and games? Do you splurge on these or not? We’d love to hear from you; please leave a comment below. For more information on how to choose baby toys and games, please see the video below:

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