Happy Moments for Every Child at Wendy’s

Happy Moments for Every Child at Wendy’s

Wendy’s has unveiled their brand new burger in a special manner. In collaboration with The Salvation Army Gracehaven, Wendy’s hosted a fun event for children at its 24 hour Liat Towers outlet.

Happy Moments for Every Child at Wendy’s

A Children’s event

Wendy’s has prided itself as being a company that still incorporates its founder, Dave Thomas’s compassion for children into their very philosophy. In the US, Wendy has initiatives like the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption program.

Wendy’s Singapore strives to continue Dave’s legacy. In partnership with The Salvation Army Gracehaven, Singapore, Wendy’s Singapore hosted their children for an afternoon of fun and free, great tasting food. The event had the children split up into teams and moving around the Liat Towers outlet to solve certain interesting puzzles and play different games. The kids also got to enjoy a specially prepared lunch, on the house.

Assistant Director for Wendy’s Singapore, Faith Wang praised Dave Thomas’ love for children and emphasized that she wanted to continue his legacy here in Singapore. Faith said that Wendy’s was proud to host the ‘Happy Moments or Every Child’ event and hoped “ it is the start of something bigger”.

The theme of the event itself was inspired by the idea that it is the little moments I life that come together to build a portrait of a happy childhood, be it a weekend lunch with parents or an outing with friends. Wendy’s strived to provide as many of those happy moments as possible.

A new burger

Wendy’s also took the opportunity to unveil its new ‘Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger’. The burger is a homage to the original founder, Dave Thomas. With 100 percent Australian beef, a toasted bun and fresh toppings, this cheeseburger is touted to be Wendy’s thickest, hottest and juiciest burger yet. Customers will be able to enjoy a free Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger whenever they purchase a medium frees and a medium drink.

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