Teacher punishes kids with UV rays

Teacher punishes kids with UV rays

This teacher went too far when trying to scare her students into submission. Find out how her unacceptable punishment methods were discovered.

Teacher punishes kids with UV rays

Disobedience warrants punishment to some teachers and they take it very seriously. Some teachers even take it up a notch in terms of being creative and “different” with their “scare” tactics.

One teacher actually exposed her students to ultraviolet light—they were merely kindergarten kids. What did the kids do to deserve such an unconventional and dangerous punishment?

The teacher working in a kindergarten in Hangzhou's Yuhang district noticed that 12 students in her class did not do as they were supposed to—that is, gargle with water. So, she went on to switch on the UV lamps to incite some fear in the kids.

UV lamps in school

How did she have access to UV lamps, you may wonder? The ultraviolet lamps were installed in the school classrooms for the purpose of disinfecting the classrooms. There are rules that the classrooms have to be cleared out before the lights can be used.

As you may know, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can have adverse effects to skin and eyes.

The teacher was suspended after the incident. The kindergarten did not approve of her punishment. She reportedly paid the parents of the punished kids a visit to apologize.

This case is being looked into by the local government and under investigation. The kindergarten director is also facing the consequences. Now all 42 students in that teacher’s class will have to undergo some examinations to make sure they are not harmed.

Do you know what’s happening in school?

Have a short recap of what happened during the day at school with your kid every evening. This forges a closer bond as well as alerts you to things that might have gone amiss at school. Not all teachers are trustworthy. Surely you have read about teachers who abuse their students. There was even one case where a teacher fed his own semen to his students.

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