10 Tips on Communicating With Your Kids

10 Tips on Communicating With Your Kids

Having trouble getting through to your kids? Age, gender and different interests serve as gulfs separating you from your child. Read on to find out top tips to reach out and connect with your children.

It’s a constant struggle for parents to keep up with kids these days. Let’s face it, you and your kid come from generations decades apart. Chances are, he would not like Rod Stewart any more than you could understand One Direction (read: British boy-band of the day). Fear not though, here are 10 quick-fire tips to get you up to speed with communicating with your kid.

1. Spend time with them

Sure, this first tip sounds easy but instead of bringing them out for a movie of your choice, why not let your child decide on the activity. Even enduring an hour of MTV with your kid at home will allow you to understand a little more about him.

2. Give your undivided attention

10 Tips on Communicating With Your Kids

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Parents complain that their children are unresponsive, but parents too can be guilty of this. Unknowingly, you could have come home tired from work and ignored your kid when he wanted to ask you something. Expending a little energy to give a little more attention can go a long way.

3. Praise them

Praising children or teens for good behaviour creates a positive relationship. And a positive relationship will definitely be an open one.

4. Show respect

The problems of children may seem insignificant to parents. But understand that these problems are of great importance to the child. Respect what they have to say and be serious in your treatment of these problems. Soon enough, you will turn into a confidant, which would strengthen the parent-child bond.

5. Use good body language

5. Use good body language

It is encouraged that parents should lower their voices and speak quietly to their children. Also, try bending or sitting down to bring yourself to your child’ size. This reduces any intimidation or fear that your child might feel.

6. Converse often

Try to make conversation a habit. If your child is still very young, begin to have simple, easy conversations with him. It may be tough at first but your child will know that the door is always open to you because you make the effort to connect.

7. Be flexible

When children border on teen-hood, they could question your rules and strive for greater independence. While it is not necessary to give them total freedom, be flexible and allow them some leeway if it is safe to do so. Your kids will appreciate your efforts.

8. Love them

It is said that children are never too old to be told they are loved. For the young ones, say, “I love you” regularly and sincerely. For the teens, show that you love them in the things that you do.

9. Reason with them

10 Tips on Communicating With Your Kids

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When scolding your children, refrain from outbursts of angry, accusatory statements. Instead, talk it out with your children, show them that you are willing to explain why they are in the wrong. Encourage communication even in emotionally stressful times.

10. Relate to them

Lastly, be sure you always have an avenue to connect with your child. It could be a love for football, or pasta, or a good holiday recently. This ensures you always have a lifeline to hold even when your other interests are worlds (or years) apart.


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