10 Hilarious Things Overeager First-Time Mums Are Guilty Of Doing

10 Hilarious Things Overeager First-Time Mums Are Guilty Of Doing

Now that you have some experience as a mum, this list of 10 funny things overeager first-time moms do will surely have you giggling. Check it out!

Becoming mum can be a nerve-racking experience for first-time mums but if you're an experienced mum, you can probably look back on the early days of motherhood and have a good laugh. Not because you were a bad mum by any stretch of the imagination, but because you've probably come a long way since those days. You've learned and adapted from countless mummy experiences over time, and as a result, this whole "mummy" thing doesn't seem as tough anymore.

So whether you're a first-time mum, expecting, or just looking back fondly on the good ole' days, you'll want to check out this list of funny things overeager first-time mums do:

10 Hilarious & Accurate Things Overeager First-Time Mums Are Guilty Of Doing

1. Pre-packed hospital bags at 36 weeks

ready lets go GIF

In classic overeager fashion, you had all of your bags packed and were ready to go! Even if you packed a bit early, nothing was going to deter you from getting to the hospital.

2. Take literally thousands of baby pictures

Pictures Saving GIF

You always said you'd never be that mum. You know the one. The ones who post a new picture of their baby on Instagram every hour. Well, now that you've given birth to the most perfect child in the world, you can't help but sharing their cuteness across any platform. And now, you may have accumulated well over a thousand adorable photos of your baby. 

3. Considered calling an ambulance the first time baby spit-up or coughed

call 911 season 6 GIF by Ray Donovan

Looking back, you've probably learned that it's normal for babies to cough or spit-up when they're eating. At the time, however, you probably called the emergency hotline and were ready for the ambulance to arrive. Of course, your anxious, unlearned self had no idea that this was a normal occurrence, and nothing to be too alarmed over.

4. Baby proofed the whole house before even giving birth

You know now that this may have been a little premature. Especially considering babies don't come out of the womb ready to walk, talk, and roam around sharp surface edges. You may not have known at the time, but you definitely don't need to install baby-proof doorknobs for quite some time after giving birth. No need to rush.

5. Stare at your baby all day

mothers day cute baby GIF


First-time mums do this for two reasons. First, to gaze in awe at how precious, adorable, and beautiful their firstborn child is. Second, because they're afraid that if they take their eye of their kid for one second, something absolutely terrible will happen. You've learned that it's okay to be vigilant, but you can blink without worrying.

6. Cutting baby's nails was an agonizing, traumatic experience

scared family guy GIF

Call it a necessary evil, but the first time you came towards baby with those seemingly razor sharp baby toenail clippers, you probably felt like crazy person. You may have even considered crying simply because you were so afraid that you might cut or harm your baby!

7. You bought the most expensive everything

futurama buy GIF

It's okay to spoil baby but as a first-time mum, you probably broke the bank! You bought them the most expensive clothes, toys, crib, etc. There's nothing wrong with giving baby the best. In retrospect, there were probably a few areas in which you could've been more frugal or cheap.

8. Check to see if baby is breathing at least once an hour

In accordance with entry #5, this is a classic example of mums worrying way too much. First-time mums never really sleep that much, but when they do, they wake up and creep over to baby's crib to make sure that they're still breathing. After a sigh of relief, they can attempt to sleep once again.

9. Think in terms of the "worst-case scenario"

despicable me panic GIF

Even if it was just a hiccup or runny nose, when you were new to the mummy scene, you probably thought of the worst-case scenario for every situation. There's nothing wrong with expecting the worst, and hoping for the best, but looking back, it may have been overkill. Now that you have a grip on motherhood, you can handle the little things and know what to expect of them without freaking out.

10. Shed a tear when baby cries

schitts creek crying GIF by CBC

No one likes seeing their children cry, but first-time mums seeing their baby cry deserves a whole new category! You probably couldn't stand to see your baby cry for any reason. Being unexperienced definitely didn't help, and you may  have shed a tear whenever baby cried for long bouts.

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