Comics: The mean funny things my kids usually say!

Comics: The mean funny things my kids usually say!

Check out the mean-funny things my kids have been saying!


Notice how kids can say the meanest of things and still get away with them? Especially my kids, who really don’t believe in being politically, or any-other-ways ‘correct’.

Here are some of the ‘mean’ things that have actually fallen off their mouths! I believe that kids can blurt these unintentionally mean statements out only because their hearts are still pure, and unable to hide dark secrets. So I’m going to call these quips mean funny, and not mean. Each comic is based on my own personal experience and yeah, they did make me laugh. 

I’m so pretty. Period.


And I’m not. Get it? Now, just breathe, and take that with a pinch of salt.

Grandpa should have chosen a better day!



I remember losing my cool over this and asking, “Really? That’s all that grandpa meant to you?!” Her little mind though was so looking forward to that field trip, she couldn’t help but blurt it out.

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Sorry, no aunties without pressies allowed.


When it comes to birthdays, my kids are very frank about their expectations from guests. So no one is going to be spared the, “What are you going to get me for my birthday?” question!

Diaper Mummy


I once made the ‘mistake’ of referring to my sanitary pads as diapers. Guess what, the kids never forgot! So every single time at the supermarket cashier’s it would be, “Are those your diapers, Mummy?” or “See, Mummy also wears diapers sometimes!” Just laugh it away, lah!

Pop woman


Suffice to say, just glare at the kids, and pretend to be invisible.

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Fanboy moment


Ever come across the super cool mummy who can do it all? She can cook, bake, make fancy DIY crafts out of recycled materials, crack jokes and to top it all, look super hot as well!

Notice, how you get so jealous when you have super mummy fans in your own house? Well, to be fair, I too compare my kids with other cool kids, so I shouldn’t really be complaining!

When colours have to be exact


Please note, for a 5-year-old it is always “black” and not dark. Sorry, we are not born politically correct, unlike you adults. Strangely, such comments are always made in loud ‘whispers’ that reverberate across the room. I remember cringing and hoping the guests had gone temporarily deaf, and hadn’t heard a thing. I immediately tried to switch to some random topic. If nothing works, I suggest you blame it on the newest TV show the kids have been watching.

To an unsuspecting divorcee


Yeah, I know. My then 6-year-old actually asked that question, leaving me stumped and mouth-wide-open. The divorcee was quick to glare at me and retort, “Oh, she knows quite a bit about the birds and the bees!” Squirm time.

Have your kids said mean funny things too? Tell us!

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