Lingerie shopping: From one hot mama to another

Lingerie shopping: From one hot mama to another

Having children is not a death sentence on your love life. Your love life after having babies can and be just as exciting and rewarding as it was before you gave birth. Here are some tips to feel sexy amidst the chaos that is motherhood.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all (or at least most) of your pre-baby lingerie, especially the tight-fitting teddies. They aren’t going to fit the way they used to and that’s okay! Keep the free-flowing gowns and do a little shopping for a couple of new pieces. Buy something to really show-off those fabulous boobs you have now!

Speaking of breasts, if you’re nursing, you may as well plan on a bit of leakage. It’s going to happen. Your husband shouldn’t find it annoying, but if you feel a bit insecure about how it will affect your sex life, ask him. Nursing bras aren’t all that sexy, for sure, but you don’t need a nursing bra in the bedroom now do you?

Filmy lingerie not your style? That’s fine. Use one of your hubby’s button-up shirts — unbuttoned in all the right places.

Lacy boy-short panties are oh so sexy. Invest in a few new pairs. This style is friendlier to a post-baby tummy than other styles without saying "granny panty."

You know what they say — clothes don’t make the man. Nor do they make the woman, or the sex, for that matter.

The key to having a healthy sex life after your baby is born is to want a healthy sex life. The changes a baby brings to a marriage are amazing, wonderful and scary. You need to remember that your husband is also trying to find his way in this new role of parenting. That’s why it’s important to make yourself available. Always pleading the "too tired" card may feel like a reality, but connecting sexually with your husband is an excellent way to feel rested, good about yourself, your marriage and life in general.

You also need to take care of yourself. You may not be going to work every day, but who better to look good for than your family? Do your hair and makeup each morning, get dressed and take the time to exercise. Your baby can entertain him/herself long enough for you to do your hair and makeup and you can exercise with them or while they nap.

Think you're way sexy

Think sexy thoughts throughout the day and carry them forward into the bedroom at night. Building that anticipation will only make the experience sweeter. You can also call your spouse once or twice a day to flirt, include naughty notes in his brief case or text a naughty message to him to set the mood.

Making it special

Giving birth to your child brings your marriage to a whole new level of intimacy and connection. The two of you have done something no other two people will ever do — create your beautiful, unique child. And because every special occasion calls for a celebration, here are few special places you might like to shop to make you look the part of the hot mama you are.

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Written by

Darla Noble

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