FRISO First Brand in Singapore to Enable Mums to Track Source of Formula Milk

FRISO First Brand in Singapore to Enable Mums to Track Source of Formula Milk

FRISO TrackEasy takes mums through the processes of milk collection, packaging, final quality checks and more.

FRISO today (Oct 12) announced the launch of FRISO TrackEasy in Singapore, an industry-first smart packaging innovation that enables mums to experience the full journey of FRISO’s formula milk, starting from their Dutch-owned farms to its arrival in Singapore, as they hold the tin in their palms. FRISO TrackEasy builds on FrieslandCampina’s 140-year Dutch dairy expertise and its end-to-end control of its entire product journey to provide mums with batch-specific information around FRISO’s dairy farming, milk collection, production process, quality auditing and export. This offers mums a higher degree of transparency over the formula milk products, empowering them to make well-informed nutrition choices for their children.

The issue of food safety has gained increased visibility across the world against the backdrop of disrupted global supply chains and growing consumer concerns about food sourcing and security. Organisations such as the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (UNFAO) have stepped up efforts to promote food safety around the world to address consumers’ need to access timely, clear and reliable information to make food choices.

“At FRISO, we recognise that parents in Singapore are paying more attention to food sourcing and safety in general, and those with young children are naturally especially concerned about the source and production of formula milk,” said David Naidu, General Manager at FrieslandCampina Singapore. He added: “With FRISO TrackEasy, mums will be able to see when their tin of FRISO product was produced, when the milk was collected from farms, to the quality assurance checks it went through. This is only possible with full chain control, as FRISO is one of the few dairy companies that owns the entire product journey, from our Dutch-owned farms to the shipment of the final product. With the launch of FRISO TrackEasy in Singapore, parents for the first time, truly trace their product from grass to glass, and feel reassured that they are providing the best choice of nutrition for their children.”

By scanning a QR code on the tins of Friso Gold with 2’-FL or Frisomum milk powder, mums can now journey through FRISO’s milk farming, production and quality processes.

To mark the launch of FRISO TrackEasy in Singapore, FRISO is running a scan-and-win promotion (T&Cs apply*) where mums can enjoy $5 off FRISO products at selected retailers simply by experiencing FRISO TrackEasy. Ten lucky parents who share about FRISO TrackEasy on social media while including the hashtags #FrisoFarmtoPalm and #FrisoSG stand to win one-years’ worth of FRISO products.

Overview of FRISO TrackEasy – Visual Reference below using Friso Gold with 2’-FL (also available with Frisomum)

Arriving at the landing page of FRISO TrackEasy, mums can click on icons to learn more about milk source and every level of the journey of their formula milk tin:

FRISO First Brand in Singapore to Enable Mums to Track Source of Formula Milk

Image source: FRISO

FRISO TrackEasy also showcases FRISO’s representative farms and quality checks done at the farm level:

FRISO TrackEasy

Image source: FRISO

FRISO TrackEasy takes mums through the processes of milk collection, packaging, final quality checks and more:

FRISO TrackEasy

FRISO TrackEasy | Image source: FRISO

FRISO TrackEasy is a global launch seeking to lead the trend of greater transparency in the food industry worldwide.

About FRISO and FrieslandCampina
100% produced and packed in the Netherlands, FRISO is present in over 25 countries and ranked as one of the top 51 formula milk brands in Asia. FRISO is a brand under one of the world’s largest dairy company FrieslandCampina, which is also a cooperative jointly owned by over 18,000 dairy farmer members from over 12,000 dairy farms in Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Founded in 1871, FrieslandCampina has over 140 years of expertise in milk and its application, allowing it to produce a wide range of quality, nutrient-rich foods including dairy-based beverages, toddler nutrition, cheese,
functional dairy-based ingredients and more for consumers, businesses and industries worldwide.

*Terms and Conditions for the FRISO scan-and-win promotion

The following terms and conditions apply to FRISO TrackEasy ‘Scan Snap Share’ Campaign organized by or on behalf of members of Friesland Campina (the “Organiser”) conducted through Facebook and Instagram. These apply in addition and subject to any specific terms identified at any website or platform for the campaign and in the event of any conflict the terms posted shall prevail:

a) Only one entry is allowed per user. Participants found cheating (for instance, creating shell social media accounts to take part in the Contest) will be disqualified immediately.

b) Promotion excludes any infant formula milk products for infants aged 0 – 12 months.

c) Posts and photos with infants below 12 months old will be considered invalid.

d) No responsibility is accepted for any entries that are incomplete, incoherent, unreadable, ineligible, corrupted, misdirected, lost or delayed or are unable to be sent/ published due to technical or transmissions failures of any kind or any other reason.

e) Participation in the Campaign constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions of the campaign. Prizes will be provided in accordance with and subject to these terms and conditions. Any entry not compliant with these terms and conditions will be deemed invalid. The Organiser reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of the Contest at any time without prior notice.

f) ‘Scan, Snap, Share’ Campaign requires participants to ensure that his/her social media account settings allow for public view during the duration of the Campaign. In the event the Organiser is unable to verify the entry due to incorrect account settings, the entry will be considered invalid and voided.

g) Entries will be judged by the Organiser on their merits and/or be selected at random based on the fulfilment of criteria stated for the Campaign.

h) In the event of a dispute, the winner’s entitlement is subject to the sole discretion and final decision of the Organiser. The Organiser’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

i) Prizes must be taken as they are and are strictly not refundable or exchangeable for cash or extendable in validity.

j) It is a condition of entry that winner’s consent to the publication of their names and social media platform identifiers (in the format of username, profile picture and/or submitted photo) on the relevant social media platforms for publicity purposes.

k) The Organiser is not liable for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any participant as a result of entering the Contest or accepting the prize or any injury or damage to the participant’s or any other person’s personal property including but not limited to a computer or mobile telephone relating to or resulting from participation in or downloading/uploading any materials in connection with the Contest.

l) All entries submitted must NOT contain material which is (or promotes activities which are) sexually explicit, obscene, pornographic, violent (e.g., relating to murder, the sales or use of weapons, cruelty, abuse, etc.), discriminatory (based on race, sex, religion, natural origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age), illegal (e.g. underage drinking, substance abuse, computer hacking, etc.), offensive, threatening, profane, or harassing or which is otherwise inappropriate, in the sole
discretion of the Organiser, nor may the name submitted contain any derogatory references to the Organiser or any other person or entity including brands or trademarks of the Organiser or any other person or entity.

m) The Organiser reserves the right in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest.

Lead image source: Friso website



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