Kid's who dress themselves are more confident

Kid's who dress themselves are more confident

Mums do you let your child choose their own clothes or do you pick everything out for them? Here are why you should let your children dress themselves up...

Dressing and confidence in kids

Not to take away from mum Katie Holmes, who is of course lovely and usually very well-dressed, but Suri is clearly THE fashionista of the family. It comes as no surprise then when we find out that Suri is allowed to choose her own outfits .

With her sense of style, why shouldn’t she?

Playing Dress Up

Studies have shown that it is beneficial to let your child dress themselves as this could help them develop a sense of style and hence, a sense of self early in life. After all as every mum knows, dressing your child the way you want them to dress could be a battle and picking your battles can be the ultimate key in surviving the early years with your child.

Much has been written about building a child’s self esteem and what better way than to allow them to make choices that make them feel confident? Applaud your child in her choices even if she chooses to wear a pink tutu over neon green leggings topped with her brother’s Superman’s cape.

If she is making it work, then she is making it work.

Research has shown that imaginative play is a key part of a child’s mental development. If every step is dictated, creativity and growth are stunted. A simple blanket tied over a child’s shoulder can become a super hero cape, an evil villain garment or a royal robe depending on the whim of the day. Let them imagine their own characters and build their own storyline through their wardrobe choices.

When kids wear what they want most of the time, dress clothes and “proper” outfits stay nice longer. So, do your purses a little kindness and let the kid go wild in the wardrobe.

Confidence in kids

As long as…

Many parents do believe that they should let their children dress themselves, but being parents they do need to lay down some ground rules. A mum who identified herself only as Aunt ShaSha on the momFormation blog wrote;

“I think within reason your kids should wear what they want, it’s another creative outlet.”

“I am beyond excited to dress our little boy and have the outfits to prove it. But when he gets old enough to have an opinion…so long as he is wearing clothes, even if it pains me, I’ll let him wear what he wants.”

Another mum wrote on the same blog; “As long as she [my daughter] is dressed appropriately for the weather and/or place we are going.  I don’t let her wear her pyjamas to daycare, but I let her wear blue pants, green socks, and a pink shirt, if thats what she wants.”

“She likes to be independent, and I’m fine with that.”


Do you let your kids dress crazy?

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