Parents feed their newborn baby porridge, netizens angered

Parents feed their newborn baby porridge, netizens angered

A baby is generally ready to be fed solids to complement breastmilk after they are at least 6 months old. But what happens if there are parents who feed their babies porridge while they are only 2-months-old?

Babies should only be introduced to solids from six months onward because that is when their guts are mature enough to handle solid food. Feeding before 6 months should only involve breastmilk, or formula if that’s what the paediatrician recommended. However, what happens when a parent feeds their baby porridge when they’re barely two months old?

Parents feed their newborn baby porridge, netizens angered

Video of baby eating porridge goes viral on social media

In September 2018, a mother and father shared a video of their newborn baby. They were feeding the two-month-old little one porridge. The video went viral, garnering numerous comments after being shared by Facebook user Erlina L, on September 11, 2018.

In the video, we can clearly see that the mum is feeding her baby. The newborn was fed with packaged baby porridge suitable for babies over 6 months old. Making the whole situation even more dangerous, the little one is lying on his back while being fed.

In the video, we can hear a man explaining and commenting on the mum’s behaviour. “This is how a two-month-old baby reacts. We’ve fed him. He’s very hungry, and just sucks everything up. Are you hungry, little one?” says the man, who is the baby’s dad. 

Also, the baby’s hands were tied up while he was being fed.

“For new mums who have children out there, this is the right method to feed a 2-month-old baby. Tie his hands up using this. Then, don’t forget to dilute the food with some water. Otherwise, without any water, we risk choking the child with food. Do try your best to feed the child first before bathing him,” explains the dad. 

“For young mums out there who have just given birth to their first child like me, here is my first child. Try to tie his hands up so he won’t move or throw a tantrum, but don’t tie it too tightly – it’s dangerous. Do also try to provide a pillow so that your little one won’t choke,” continued the father.

Watch the full video here:

Netizens strike back with protests 

Of course, the video showing the baby being fed porridge was met with lots of complaints and criticism from netizens. The original Facebook post has been flooded with protests from netizens.

“I can’t stand watching further, I pity the baby…” wrote Shinta Evriant Hafidh.

“The child wants to sleep – you should’ve breastfed him, not fed him food. How will this mum parent …” wrote Farid Yuhu’s.

“Do some research first on the internet on when babies should be fed complementary food. How annoying – really, how can you feed a 2-month-old baby food?! “

“The baby’s stomach is still as big as an egg – they gave so much food. Even babies who are only breastfed regurgitate due to fullness.” 

“It’s still a baby – it’ll eat anything you give them. These stupid parents have endangered their child’s life so that he can become full faster. That’s the main cause of digestive issues. It’s so sad to even watch… “.

We hope these parents of the newborn being fed porridge know that their method is not just wrong, but could seriously harm their little one’s health. Remember the case of the newborn who was fed banana porridge by his grandmother? 

When to start solids, according to WHO guidelines

Based on WHO guidelines, infants should only be introduced to solids to complement breastfeeding after they are six months old. Because at this time, babies are better able to digest food and are ready to be fed foods other than breast milk. However, ideally, you should still continue breastfeeding if the child still wants it.

Babies feeding before 6 months should ONLY be given breastmilk or infant formula

feeding before 6 months

Young babies feeding before 6 months should be given either breastmilk or infant formula, if they have problems breastfeeding. | Image Source: Stock Photo

Babies feeding before 6 months old only need to be breastfed. This will meet all newborn baby food intake and nutritional needs. Once they are 6 months old, you can introduce solids. 

If you cannot breastfeed for whatever reason, the only other suitable food for babies feeding before 6 months old is formula milk (one that is formulated for infants). 

An exclusively breastmilk-fed baby will not even need water. And whether on breastmilk or formula, babies feeding before 6 months old do not need solid foods until they are 6 months or older. 

Baby feeding before 6 months: Why can’t they eat solids? 

There are important reasons why mums MUST wait until the baby is six months old before introducing solid foods. Solid foods:

  • are difficult to swallow and digest for babies feeding before 6 months. The baby’s digestive system has not developed fully. Therefore, they can’t effectively digest solid foods, even if they are pureed.
  • are not as nutritious as breastmilk. Solid foods are lower in the specific nutrients an infant needs to grow and thrive. 
  • introduced too early can lead to several health problems, such as allergies and eczema. Researchers have also found an association between introducing solid foods early with chronic diseases such as diabetes and coeliac disease (indigestion due to gluten consumption) as children grow older.

Remember, parents. Do NOT feed your baby solid foods because you think your baby is hungry. At the same time, it is important to educate other caregivers of your baby (especially if they are elderly) on the specifics of newborn baby food intake and requirements. 

What do you think about these parents who have fed their little one porridge? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, mums! 

Original Author: Aulia Trisna

This article about how to give birth easily was translated by Kevin Wijaya Oey and republished with the permission of the theAsianparent Indonesia

References: Facebook, Cleveland Clinic

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