Baby dies after father who was carrying him, trips and falls down the stairs

Baby dies after father who was carrying him, trips and falls down the stairs

The freak accident caused a man to lose his baby.

Parents, we know what it’s like to be in a rush all the time. We’re always carrying a whole bunch of things AND we have the kids in tow too. But sometimes, we really need to consider how much stuff to carry, especially if we have to carry the baby too. The effects of dropping baby on head can be extremely severe, should you accidentally drop your child. If you really can’t put your child in a sling to carry them, then be sure not to carry so many items and watch where you’re doing.

Unfortunately, for one dad, his little slip on the stairs turned out to be a fatal accident for his baby.

How to protect your little one from falls: Avoid facing dire effects of dropping baby on head

effects of dropping baby on head

Baby can be quite active days after birth, so parents should be wary of the effects of dropping baby on head | Source: Adobe Stock

In a freak accident, a four month old baby died when his dad, who was carrying him down the stairs, tripped and fell while holding his son in Puerto Andratx, Spain. It was unknown how or why the 38-year old father fell down the stairs. The baby’s mother was not at home during the incident. The father rushed the baby to the hospital immediately but doctors had to transfer the baby to intensive care.

The baby was quickly transferred to intensive care because of the serious multiple injuries discovered. Sadly, doctors were unable to save the baby’s life. Investigations are underway but all signs point to this being an accident. The whole family is still in shock over the tragedy and are seeking psychological help.

A newborn baby’s head is fragile – as with the accident above, the effects of dropping baby on head can be disastrous – you’re lucky if baby can get away with a hairline fracture. But if not, it can be fatal.

Baby can be very active even after birth, says Dr Kyran Quinlan, Chicago pediatrician and chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Injury Prevention Committee. She says that falls are responsible for than 50% of emergency room trips for baby’s under one years old.

Instead of wearing a helmet around the house, learn the possible risks of babies falling and how you can prevent an untoward accident from happening to your child.

Be careful on stairs

When you trip and fall on a flight of stairs while holding your baby, the infant takes more injuries because of the tumbling adult. Most of the time, it’s the baby’s neck or head that takes the brunt of the fall. Most of the time, the fall is because adults are holding baby in one hand and carrying something else in the other, like a laundry basket.

  • If possible, don’t carry baby on the staircase. It’s better to leave baby in safe location like the cot if you’re just going to run up the steps for a minute. If you need to roam around, then put baby in a baby carrier.
  • Don’t carry baby and do something else at the same time, like making a call. You need to hold baby’s head with your other hand to support them.
  • Don’t wear slippers, socks or high heels around the house. It’s better to go barefoot or in flats on stairs.

Don’t leave baby on sofa

It’s actually common for baby to roll off the bed or sofa. Dr Quilan confirms that even newborns move about in the first few days of their life. Some babies twist their pelvis or arch their back trying to roll over. Thankfully, because the distance to the floor is small and babies land on their body rolling off, it usually doesn’t lead to serious injuries.

  • In any case, don’t leave baby lying on the bed, sofa or any elevated surface without your constant supervision. Try “touch supervision” – being in touching distance of your child at all times.
  • If you need to lay baby down, get a floor play mat.

Don’t put baby’s seat on elevated surface

effects of dropping baby on head

Don’t use a car seat outside of the car, not even as a baby carrier | Source: File photo

You want to keep an eye on baby in the kitchen, so you have baby’s seat on your kitchen table. This is dangerous as baby could try to wiggle away so the seat falls over, or something knocks baby seat off the edge. This same goes for car seats – it’s meant for your car, not be used as a baby carrier outside. And when in the car, the seat must be properly strapped or otherwise, your baby on the seat can fall off even when the car is stationary.

  • All baby seats should be placed on flat smooth floor, with all the safety straps fastened.
  • Babies might try their hardest to get out, and according to Dr Quinlan, will usually succeed.

Make sure you’re always watching your baby on the changing table

It only takes a few seconds for baby to roll off the changing table and fall onto the floor. While it’s not as bad as the effects of  dropping baby on head, your baby could suffer a broken arm in the fall. A quick visit to the hospital is a must if this happens. Also don’t forget these tips:

  • Get everything you need ready before you change baby’s diapers. If you forgot something, carry your baby with you to get it (or if it’s upstairs, put baby in the cot instead). Not even a slight ridge on the changing table can stop your baby from rolling off.
  • Change baby on a pad on the floor instead once he or she becomes more active.

Source: Majorca Daily Bulletin

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