Doggy way

Doggy way

Michelle shares her labour story with

As I opt out for epidural, the contractions were horrible. I went into the ward at 12midnight and was asked to change and prepare. The nurse came in with the medications for me to release my bowel. Within minutes I was done and I thought it was cleared until I dirtied the bed and had to ask the nurse to clean me up. How embarassing is that?

I only took the gas for pain relieve and was high on it. Jokingly, I told my Hubby, "we can save on alcohol and come and breathe gas to get high".

At 4am the doctor n nurses were preparing me for labour. At 5am +/- I was in so much pain I flip and went on all fours. I was screaming so bad till I hardly had any after birth. Nurses quickly flipped me back as it was supposedly dangerous.
Finally I had to go through with assisted labour and my son came out. After all was done, the cleaning lady came in with the mop and scolded me. " Next time can't take pain, take the epidural la, the whole hospital can hear you scream"
It sure was an embarassing moment.

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