Disadvantages Of Using Diapers For Babies: Hidden Needles

Disadvantages Of Using Diapers For Babies: Hidden Needles

The needle scratched her little one's thigh, leaving him in disomfort

It goes without saying that when it comes to anything we buy for our babies, we trust the seller to go through strict quality control and assurance. However, as a mum recently found out to her shock and horror, not all baby items are safe. Even diapers. Nowadays, even hidden disadvantages of using diapers for babies — like needles — exist.

disadvantages of using diapers for babies

Check your baby’s diapers before putting them on, parents! Hidden disadvantages of using diapers for babies, like needles, do happen. | Image Source: Stock Photo

Disadvantages of using diapers for babies: Mum finds needle in baby’s diapers!

30-year-old mum Kayleigh Smith was horrified to discover the safety hazard in her two-year-old son Freddie’s diaper. 

She had just dressed her little one and popped on the diaper (from a popular brand). But soon after, he approached her, pulling at his nappy. He was in obvious discomfort.

The stay-at-home mum of three kids noticed something shiny on his diaper. She then pulled it off and was flabbergasted to discover a needle poking out of leg cuff. 

“I had to unpick it out of the nappy. it was in the Velcro leg cuff – I was mortified,” recalls Kayleigh.

She explains that the needle seems to have been sewn through the diapers. Thankfully little Freddie didn’t receive any major injuries from the wound – only a few red scratch marks on his thigh.

“Sick to the stomach”

The mum from the UK recalls her horrifying experience, saying that:”I was absolutely gobsmacked and felt sick to the stomach.”

After the horrifying experience, Kayleigh rang the shop where she bought the diapers. They were equally astonished, and swiftly took it off their shelves.  

Next, she informed the diaper company about the issue. The company immediately sent her a courier to retrieve the dangerous nappy and have said that they’ll inspect their batches.

Kayleigh, who’s been a mum for 10 years, urges “all parents to thoroughly check nappies before they put them on”, as even the experience caught her off guard.

“It could have done a lot of damage if he was sat a bit differently or it was in a different place it could have gone straight into his body,” she says. 

The company’s response

A representative from the diaper brand confirmed that they have been in touch with Kayleigh’s family to better understand the situation. They have also asked for the diapers to be sent back so that they can be thoroughly examined.

The company reassures parents that they prioritise the safety of babies above all else. “Our nappies are made to very high standards and we have strict quality checks in place at every stage of manufacturing process,” said the representative.

Check out the actual Facebook post from Kayleigh below!

Other disadvantages of using diapers for babies

In addition to hidden disadvantages of using diapers for babies, diapers may not also be good for several  reasons.

Disposable diapers: 

  • aren’t as cheap as cloth diapers.
  • low quality ones may cause conditions like diaper rashes, fungal infections, and infections along the urinary tract.
  • contain added chemicals like perfumes or other compounds which can cause an allergic response to your baby. 
  • are marketed as ‘eco-friendly’, but whether it really helps the environment or not can is still up for debate. 

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