5 ways dads can help mums breastfeeding in public

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Dads can also help moms breastfeeding in public! Here's how

Breastfeeding is an intimate experience shared by the mother and child, but that doesn’t mean that fathers can’t be involved. By showing their support, fathers can make breastfeeding in public easier and less stressful for both the mum and the baby.

When breastfeeding in public, mothers have a multitude of factors to worry about — public perception, whether or not their baby is comfortable, and so forth. Your wife will really appreciate having your support.

Breastfeeding in public: 5 ways dads can help

1. Affirm her

Tell your partner that you appreciate what she’s doing. Ask her if she’s comfortable, or think ahead and look for ways to make breastfeeding in public easier for her.

breastfeeding in public

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2. Don’t stare

This might be difficult, but try not to. There are few things as off-putting as being sexualized when you’re busy trying to get a baby fed.

3. Don’t force her to use a cover

It may make more sense to you for your partner to use a comfort, but her priority is getting your baby fed, not “modesty”. Plus, some babies just aren’t comfortable with covers.

4. …But if she wants to use a cover, support her

Some women like covers, some don’t. Basically, just let your partner call the shots here.

breastfeeding in public

Photo: megansotophotography on Instagram

5. Help out with other things

Order food, get her a glass of water, get things from her purse, keep your other kids occupied—let your partner focus on feeding. Take over everything else.

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