Fun DIY for kids: How to create your own cool T-shirt with CreaTee

Fun DIY for kids: How to create your own cool T-shirt with CreaTee

Why not try something CreaTee this school holidays? Children will surely enjoy wearing the T-shirt they have just created!

Exams are over, and you must be so dreading the 'B' word. How about getting the kids to be a little creative and imaginative? The best part is that they can even wear their work!

CreaTee is a DIY activity kit designed for children aged 6 and up, that allows them to create a wearable art and crafts piece through simple instructions that is included in the kit.

CreaTee is also a social enterprise, and the warm folk behind this organisation have also been supporting anti-bullying and other notable causes.

CreaTee believes that creative arts help boost a child's self esteem and elevate his emotional and mental intelligence. Also, from a developmental perspective, such activities help enhance a child's fine motor skills and writing skills.

Our experience with CreaTee

I decided to check out if my kids would enjoy CreaTee-ng their own wearable T-shirt. In the beginning, they looked well, unsure when they got their CreaTee kit.


Initial skepticism gave way to delight, once the packet was emptied.


Each kit contains one plain t-shirt, one animal shape stencil, 2 non-toxic fabric markers, 1 bottle of glue, 3D paint, 1 pair of googly eyes and 1 piece each of batik and felt.

The instructions were so simple, even my 6-year-old daughter could understand them.

Step 1: Decide on how you want your T shirt to look. Then outline the shapes using the fabric marker. Let your imagination run wild. If you feel blank, you can use the board provided for ideas.


Step 2: Feel free to decorate using marker, 3D paint, felt or googly eyes. You can even write catchy phrases, or draw out your ideas. Even I joined in some of the fun!


And Voila! Your product is ready in just 3 simple steps! (Special Agent OSO would have been proud!)


We used 3D paint, so we had to let the T-shirt dry for 3 days before washing, else a day would have been sufficient.

So there, if you feel that your kids will also enjoy doing this activity, and would like to purchase a kit, contact CreaTee at or

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