9 Easy Arts & Crafts For Kids You Can Do Together

9 Easy Arts & Crafts For Kids You Can Do Together

Parents, here are more fun DIY projects to keep your little ones occupied.

Need more ideas on how to get your child off their iPads and away from screen time? Look to DIY arts and crafts for kids as a way to hone your child’s creative talents!

Craft activities help to develop fine motor skills and boost your child’s self-esteem when you encourage them. Hence, what better way than to curate a list of arts and crafts for kids and parents to do together so that you get to spend more time with them while making beautiful art pieces! Check out the list below:

1. DIY Dreamcatcher

Native American people believed in the existence of good and bad dreams. The dreamcatcher is regarded as an object that captures bad dreams and allows good dreams to pass through and ‘flow’ down the feathers to the sleeping person.

Make a dreamcatcher with your child and decorate his or her room! This arts and crafts for kids is perfect, especially for your older children! All you’ll need is a metal or wooden hoop, some yarn and decorative beads and feathers to make the dreamcatcher of your choice!

2. How to Draw

Pick up a drawing pen and join your child! Art For Kids Hub does excellent step-by-step videos on various arts and crafts for kids including ‘How to Draw’ videos! Instead of letting your child watch the videos themselves, why not join them and do it together! Besides creating quality bonding time, doing the same art piece together with your child will be encouraging for them to work on the project.

9 Easy Arts & Crafts For Kids You Can Do Together

Image source: Youtube screengrab

Doubt your drawing abilities? Don’t worry too much about the technical drawing skills and motivate your child to try his or her best instead!

3. Flower bouquet

Inculcate the importance of recycling through arts and crafts projects for kids! Make flowers from used egg cartons (or drink holders, chocolate egg cartons). Simply cut out each cavity of the egg carton, shape the individual cavity into flowers then paint and layer them one on top another to make a beautiful flower bouquet!

Pop this flower bouquet in to a vase and display it in your home. Your child will feel proud of this piece of home decor they’ve contributed to!

4. Snow globes

Living in a tropical country shouldn’t stop you from having a snow globe! This arts and crafts for kids encourage you to reuse old mason jars or containers! Want to get rid of the pesky plastic figurines lying around the house or perhaps your child’s old Lego toys? Use them in this snow globe instead!

9 Easy Arts & Crafts For Kids You Can Do Together

Image source: Youtube screengrab

This activity also doubles up as a science project for kids! When going through the different steps of making the snow globe, ask your kids to predict what would happen. For example, before placing the toy into the jar, ask whether the toy would sink or float (float, hence the need for the glycerin)! Have fun and glitter up with this DIY snow globe!

5. Matching bracelets

Fulfil your childhood wish of making DIY jewellery and create matching Macrame bracelets with your children today! Macrame is the art of knotting string in pattern to make decorative objects where the square knot is the primary knot used.

This detailed technique will test the patience and will require nimble fingers, but once mastered, you can wear your jewellery like a badge of honour! This craft activity is not just for girls though, your sons can make them too! This arts and crafts for kids are perfect for older kids to teens.

6. Origami penguin

Paper folding jump-starts your child’s creativity and is one of the easiest arts and crafts for kids. Start with Origami — the art of folding paper without making cuts or using glue — a safe craft activity that can be done anywhere at any time!

9 Easy Arts & Crafts For Kids You Can Do Together

Image source: Youtube screengrab

Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to fold an origami penguin. We bet you’d be pros after a few tries! It’s not a bad idea to carry origami paper in your bags too so you can engage your child in these easy crafts if you’re ever stuck waiting around in public.

7.  Stained glass window art

This project is an easy and beautiful arts and crafts project for kids that’s suitable for all ages! Take advantage of our tropical weather and catch the sun rays with DIY colourful stained glass window art.

Mix glue and food colouring to create a special coloured paint that will stay on your glass panes! Encourage your child to mix the colours and paint on the glass pane in any way they want to and voila! You’ll have a gorgeous stained glass window art to hang in your home!

8. Rubber band powered car

Arts and crafts for kids can extend to doing interesting science projects too! Why not make a rubber band powered car and introduce your kid to concepts like aerodynamics through a fun DIY experiment! Just be careful to oversee this project closely as it involves the use of sharp instruments like pen knives.

Make two or more cars and race it out with each other for some healthy competition!

9. Handprint designs

Handprint designs are one of the easiest arts and crafts to do with kids, including toddlers! Pull out a drawing paper, dip your entire hands in some paint and transform each handprint into animal designs! This is a great activity to encourage your child to think out of the box and show them there are endless possibilities with a simple handprint design!  

9 Easy Arts & Crafts For Kids You Can Do Together

Image source: Youtube screengrab

Get started on these arts and crafts for kids with handmade and crafts supplies from Shopee Singapore! Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun — the end product is not as important as how much time you get to spend with your child! That’s always invaluable.


This article was first produced by Shopee Singapore and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

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9 Easy Arts & Crafts For Kids You Can Do Together

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