Where To Buy Affordable Arts and Crafts Supplies in Singapore

Where To Buy Affordable Arts and Crafts Supplies in Singapore

Find school supplies, arts sets to engage little ones and even scrapbooking kits for mum and more!

Give your child (and yourself!) a chance to embrace both of your artistic side and unleash creativity. Here are a list of online stores that provide state-of-the-art, yet cheap art supplies Singapore and allow your imagination to reach the skies. 

Ever found yourself utterly lost in a physical arts and craft store, not knowing where to find the exact items you need? Besides, arts and craft stores have yet to open during Phase 1 of Circuit Breaker. If you or your little one at home are in need of much-needed art supplies, look no further with happiness now just a click away.

Here’s a cheap art supplies Singapore list of online stores that will allow you to order as much as you like and as often as you want; you might even find some new type of paint, glue or knitting material that will have your imagination running to keep up! 

Cheap Art Supplies Singapore: 10 Quality Online Craft Stores

  1. Art Friend
Where To Buy Affordable Arts and Crafts Supplies in Singapore

Photo: Screengrab/Art Friend

World-class art materials or common craft supplies for some doodling to stave off the boredom, Art Friend has it all. Sable brushes, easels, sketch pads, crayons, scrapbooking items, modelling clay and face paint, you name it, Art Friend has it! The online shop has tons of merchandise from top brands like Copic, Sculpey, Winsor & Newton and Speedball among others. Check out this online art supplies store in Singapore here.

  1. Shopee
cheap art supplies singapore

Pictured on the left is a hand puppet, which you can find here; Find 86 piece art set here. | Photo: Screengrab/Shopee

A popular online store in south east Asia, Shopee.sg has a myriad of art and craft supplies to keep even the most hyper toddlers engaged. Embroidery kits, modelling clay, foam art supplies, drawing kits, sewing kits, do-it-yourself cartoon handbag and bead kits are just some of the art supplies that can be ordered online from Shopee. Check out this treasure trove of delight here and get ready to engage the whole family in creative activities.

  1. LazMall
cheap art supplies singapore

Get cheap art supplies Singapore which include kids’ favourite crayons, and perhaps even folding origami. | Photo: Screengrabs/Lazada

LazMall or Lazada.sg is a popular online store supplying seemingly everything under the sun for Singaporeans. Its Arts & Crafts section provides state-of-the-art crafting supplies for adults and kids from top brands like Faber-Castell, Crayola, Early Learning Centre, Pentel, Melissa & Doug, China OEM, Galt and Play-Doh. Browse through their online racks here and get ready to give new life to the artist in you.

  1. Amazon Prime Now
cheap art supplies singapore

These vibrant art and craft DIY materials will definitely keep your little ones occupied and productive! | Photo: Amazon Singapore

What online art supplies website list would be complete without the queen of online stores, Amazon? They have an impressive selection of yarns, kid’s sewing kits, glue designed specifically for slime (cue the three cheers from your hyper kiddos), do-it-yourself costume kits and much more. Check out all the art supplies offered in Singapore at Amazon here and be ready to be amazed.

  1. Our Art Studio
Where To Buy Affordable Arts and Crafts Supplies in Singapore

Little ones can try their hands on miniature food art for kids. | Photo: Our Art Studio

Our Art Studio is a great option if you want to buy tons of art supplies at discount rates. This online store offers discounts, promo-code purchases and free delivery for purchases above $150. Browse here for a variety of modelling clay, sculpting sets, drawing kits to even miniature food art for kids and more—all designed to prompt your kids to give free reign to their imaginations.

  1. San Merinos
Shiba Inu Dog Kit

Both kids and adults will enjoy the challenge of creating this DIY piece. | Photo via San Merinos

With heaps of material for knitting, stitching, quilting and art supplies for other hands-on activities, San Merinos is an online store that you will find quite easy to fall in love with. Their handmade felting animals alone are enough to capture your little one’s imagination! Besides the tons of art supplies, San Merinos also offer online courses for kids, teaching them about felt crafts. Check out this magical online store here.

  1. The Little Drom Store
Where To Buy Affordable Arts and Crafts Supplies in Singapore

Featuring the LET’S MAKAN IN SINGAPORE notebook. | Photo via The Little Drom Store

Unique crafts, quirky art books, one-of-a-kind gifts made exclusively in Singapore, there is no end to the bits and bobs of art supplies that you might stumble over online, at The Little Drom Store. Simply browsing through their website alone is enough to get you itching to get your hands on some of the supplies and start creating. As an added bonus, they provide free local shipping for purchases above $80.

  1. PaperMarket
Where To Buy Affordable Arts and Crafts Supplies in Singapore

Here’s something for the mums. Me and My Big Ideas – MAMBI 12″x12″ Mom Kit. Photo: Paper Market

PaperMarket is the go-to destination for all the knick-knacks and bits and bobs that you want as part of your art supplies closet. A veritable shrine to stationery, you will find unique paper, scrapbooks just begging to be filled and other paper crafting merchandise. They also offer monthly workshops which will help you sharpen your artistic skills.

If you are new to the world of arts and crafts, or perhaps looking for a new hobby during the lockdown, check out Book Depository and read up on some famous art & craft books before taking the plunge into the world of creativity. They also offer a wide range of books for both children and adults alike. 

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Where To Buy Affordable Arts and Crafts Supplies in Singapore

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