Get your kids excited with a Rawr-ing Adventure HERE this June!

Get your kids excited with a Rawr-ing Adventure HERE this June!

Once the June holidays are on, parents in Singapore scramble to make it a fun time for their kids. You can save your kids from boredom by bringing them to this fun-with- education rawr-ing adventure at Suntec City!

Once the June holidays start, all parents in Singapore become conscious of the change at home. Kids wake up late as they don’t have to go to school, and they might complain of boredom. How much reading, playing games or watching TV can a kid take, after all?

You can’t blame them either. But as a busy parent balancing work and household chores, sometimes it may be too much for you to handle! We understand you, and that’s why we’re going to make things easy for you!

Here’s how you can make the June holidays exciting for your kids.

Bring them to Suntec City for a rawr-ing and exciting adventure, built around a perennially fascinating topic: the world of dinosaurs!

2018 june holiday activities

Kids of all ages are fascinated by these ancient creatures. And believe us, mums, it will be a fun-with-education outing as your kids will learn a lot about dinosaurs and more. They can also expect to engage in lots of interesting arts and crafts activities.

At Suntec City, they will encounter various dinosaur-themed events, based on the popular animation show, Dinosaur Train. Your kids will enjoy it the most but actually the entire family can have lots of fun together! 

Here’s what your family can look forward to at Suntec City in June:

2018 june holiday activities

1. Dinosaur Train Live Show

What: Let your kids join Buddy and friends on a rawr-ing adventure! Let them hop aboard the Dinosaur Train Live Show with Buddy, a preschool-aged Tyrannosaurus Rex, and his friends – Tiny, King and Mr. Conductor.  They will ride through the lush canopies of tropical trees with the quartet to discover and learn more about the world of dinosaurs through interactive games and song and dance.

At the end of the show, kids can get up-close and have a photo taken with Buddy and friends during the post-show Meet & Greet. This will be free of charge!

When: 15-17 June, 22 - 24 June; 2pm, 4.30pm and 7 pm
Where: North Atrium

2018 june holiday activities

2. Dino Crafts for the mini-paleontologist

What: Is your child a budding paleontologist? Do they adore dinosaurs? If yes, Suntec City has lined up a slew of craft workshops that’s all about dinosaur,ranging from Dino Skeleton Craft to Dino Balloon Craft and Dino Paper Plate Craft! They are going to love it!

Your kids will pick up new skills in crafts around these Dino-themed workshops.

In these sessions, your kids will learn about dinosaur skeletal structure with Q-Tips, make their own dinosaurs with balloons, create their own paper plate dinosaurs employing their wild imagination and create their own dinosaur fossil using simple materials like flour, salt and water. !

Excited? Don’t miss these craft sessions with your kids! Only 200 seats are available each day between Monday and Thursday and 300 seats available each day between Friday and Sunday, with a minimum spend of $60 in the mall

On top of these craft activities, the younger little ones can also get their creative juice flowing with some FREE colouring fun! For the animation lovers, we have a cosy little TV corner set up for them to catch up on the most popular episodes of this series, while mummies and daddies get themselves busy with some shopping for the little ones.

Here are the details:

Dino Skeleton Craft and Dino Balloon Craft

When: 1-10 June, 12 pm-8pm at East Wing (Near Promenade MRT entrance), 11-24 June, 12 pm-8pm at North Atrium
Where: East Wing (Near Promenade MRT Entrance) & North Atrium

Dino Paper Plate Craft and Dino Fossils

When: 11-24 June, 12 pm-8pm
Where: East Wing (Near Promenade MRT Entrance)

2018 june holiday activities

3. Dino Workshops

What: There’s more than just Dinosaur Train Live shows and craft sessions with dino themes.Suntec City is also bringing two workshops to further engage your kids and stoke their creativity!

You need to pre-register for the workshops via the Suntec City app.

As a shopper, you need to pay a $10 registration fee for each slot,but the good news is that you will get this money back in the form of a Suntec City e-voucher upon completion of the workshop! Isn’t that amazing?

Workshop 1: Learn to Animate Dinosaur Train

In this workshop, your kids will become animators for the day! They will receive rare insights from the creators of Dinosaur Train on how cartoons are made, delve into the fascinating animators’ world of layout, lighting and more. In addition, your kids will get to experience animating their very own Buddy and Tiny.

When: 15-17 June, 3pm and 5.30pm
Where: North Atrium
Suitability: Recommend for age 5-12

Workshop 2: Make a Dinosaur Terrarium

Let your kids flex their green thumb and create their very own mini-ecosystem at the Dino Terrarium Workshop. Your kids will be immersed in the wonders of science and learn about topics such as photosynthesis, respiration and the water cycle through this workshop. At the end of the workshop, they will get to bring their little creation home. They’re sure to burst with pride when they show their creation to mum and dad and their friends!

When: 22-24 June, 3pm and 5.30pm
Where: North Atrium
Suitability: Recommend for age 5 and above

2018 june holiday activities

4. Enjoy the Shopping Perks at Suntec

Since you will be at Suntec City, it is only natural that you will do some shopping, right? That is going to give you some extra benefits, mums and dads, enabling you to treat your kids with a craft station pass or redeem some gorgeous eco-bags!

Here’s what you need to do: Spend a minimum of $60 at Suntec City between 1-24 June and get a craft station pass and one complimentary parking coupon (worth $2.80) or get a $2 ez-link card top up

If you spend $150 and above at the mall, you can get Suntec City voucher of $10 (between 1 to 10 June) or redeem a pair of exclusively-designed Papa-saur and Mama-saur eco-bags (between 11 to 24 June). The whole family is going to love these super-cute bags!

And if you are a Citibank card member, there’s a special deal for you! You need to spend only $140 to redeem the above goodies and you’ll receive an additional $10 worth of Suntec City vouchers!

All promotions are available on a while stocks last basis.

So mum, make the best of the June holidays with your kids at Suntec City with a rawr-ing adventure and banish boredom once and for all!

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