Security guard breaks into Choa Chu Kang condo unit and molests maid

Security guard breaks into Choa Chu Kang condo unit and molests maid

He was found lying on top of the maid with her clothes cut open, threatening her with a pair of scissors.

For those who live in executive condominiums (EC), it is expected that there will be good security and facilities. Unfortunately, in rare cases, condo break ins still happen and security guards can end up being the ones causing the trouble.

Recently, a 32-year-old security guard at a Choa Chu Kang executive condominium (EC) broke into a unit and was found lying on top of a maid. 

Choa Chu Kang condo break ins

condo break ins

Source: STOMP

The Singaporean security guard, had broken into the condo unit via a window, according to Lianhe Wanbao. 

The man was discovered in the unit when an elderly resident of the unit heard noises in her home and decided to investigate.

She went to her grandchildren’s room, where the maid also sleeps, and found the security guard on top of her maid, whose clothes had been cut open. 

The maid was crying out for help. The security guard was reportedly threatening her with a pair of scissors. 

Tried to get help from the neighbours

condo break ins

In one of the more daring condo break ins in Singapore, a security guard was found molesting a maid. Source: STOMP screengrab

The elderly woman cried out for help to her neighbours while the security guard made his escape through the front door. The police were alerted at around 5:37am on Sunday (4 November) morning.

There were about 50 officers and 18 police vehicles at the scene following the alert.

It took the police six hours to find the man and arrest him. According to news reports, the suspect had been hiding in the carpark of the EC and was shirtless.

condo break ins

Source: Lianhe Wanbao

Currently, police investigations are still ongoing. 

This just goes to show that even though you think your home compound is safely guarded by security guards, you can never be too safe. There are many ways to keep your unit secure from break-ins. 

20 tips on how to keep your house secure

1. Install an additional grill or gate beyond your front door, to ensure deterrence. 

2. Make sure all doors and windows are shut at night before going to sleep.

3. Set up a simple alarm system that will trigger when someone tries to forcefully open the doors and windows after hours. 

4. Install a CCTV outside your front door. (Sometimes fake ones work as a deterrent too).

5. Add grills to all your windows with a padlock to ensure additional security. 

6. Keep a light on in the house whenever you’re out or even asleep, to indicate someone is home. 

7. In particularly rowdy neighbourhoods, set up a watchdog committee with your neighbours for additional protection. 

8. Stow away all precious items or expensive goods away from the line of sight if someone were to peer inside your home. 

9. Use curtains for additional privacy in your home. 

10. Install a motion sensor lighting device at your front door to know when someone is lurking outside. 

11. Install large reflective numbers to display your unit number, making it easier for police to identify in an emergency. 

12. If you have moved into a pre-owned unit, ensure all locks are changed before moving in. 

13. DO NOT hide your spare keys outside your home, under the mat, in the shoe cupboard or otherwise. This is the first place robbers will look. 

14. For further privacy, add a reflective film on your windows so people cannot peer in. 

15. Reinforce your windows with safety glass, so even if someone tried to break it, it would not shatter. 

16. If you’re leaving for a long holiday, speak to a trusted neighbour or a family member to check in on your home from time to time. 

17. Do not post your holiday plans on social media in real time!

18. Leave a radio or tv on when you’re not around. 

19. Ask friends or a family member to clear your mailbox of junk mail if you’re going for a long holiday. This is another indicator robbers look for. 

20. If your building permits, get yourself a guard dog. It doesn’t have to be a huge breed. Even small ones that make lots of noise when someone breaks in, can be useful!

Don’t let yourself fall victim to condo break ins! Keep your house secure with these tips. 

Sources: Straits Times

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