Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Review

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Review

Here comes a movie that is smart and funny and so perfect for the school holidays!

Mums and dads, head to the theatres and watch Ralph Breaks the Internet (or Wreck-it Ralph 2) for here comes a movie that is smart and funny and so perfect for the school holidays!

We managed to catch a sneak preview of this fun sequel to Wreck-It Ralph and came out smiling.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: The plot

The action starts in a game arcade where big fella Ralph and cute li'l Vanellope are best friends.

The two are happy with their predictable lives until the steering wheel of the Sugar Rush game breaks, leaving star racer Vanellope ‘gameless’ or rather, jobless and homeless.

Ralph and Vanellope decide to get into the Internet and find a new steering wheel, only to encounter real world problems. For starters, they have no money. They get lured by make-quick-money-playing-video-games temptations and enter the dark and dangerous world of Slaughter race. It is also where they meet mysteriously evil racer Shank.

From online gaming and Buzztube fame to meeting Disney Princesses and viruses, Ralph and Vanellope ride an exhilarating roller coaster of thrill, adventure and life lessons. Will their friendship last?

What we loved about Ralph Breaks the Internet 

A Disney movie that breaks stereotypes

In a refreshing departure from normal, Disney turns its own stereotypes (including princess behaviour) on their heads. This is one clever movie and we haven’t had this much fun watching a children's movie in a long, long time. It is also full of fascinating ideas and visuals.

The sarcasm and poking fun at online behaviour and trends is hilarious.

Vanellope might look as cute as a button with her big eyes and little-girl ponytail, but make no mistake. This is a girl who aims high and knows what she wants. She gets her thrill out of living dangerously.

Ralph on the other hand is the big, bad guy in his game, but is a softie in reality. He is content to live the same, predictable life every single day.

ralph breaks the internet

The Disney princesses are a riot!

We haven’t had so much fun watching the Disney Princesses on screen ever! And if you always wondered how they would look in regular girl wear, you got your wish.

Spoiler alert: Watch them save a big, strong man in distress, and you'll know never to underestimate these princesses.

Internet truths revealed

The Internet can be mean to you, and the movie conveys this message without being overly preachy.

Ralph can’t believe that he is the latest fad to hit the Internet, and at one point of time, he feels invincible. Until he reads the comments, that is.

The Internet can be a mean, nasty place and as the algorithm “Yes” advises, “Don’t read the comments”. So yeah, use the Internet. Just don’t let the Internet use you.

Teaches us to follow our dreams

The moment Vanellope sets foot in Slaughter Race, she knows that this is her calling. This is what she was born for. But is her friend going to approve of her choice? Is she going to be judged?

As ace racer Shank (voiced by Wonder Woman Gal Gadot) advises, “Best Friends don’t need to have the same dreams.”

ralph breaks the internet

Lessons on true friendship

There comes a time when Ralph is scared that he’s going to lose his bestest friend in the world. His insecurity and neediness creates a whole lot of problems until he realises that what he really wants, is to see his little buddy happy.

Friends will always be friends, if they are meant to be.

What we didn’t like about Ralph Breaks the Internet 

The never-ending end-credits. There’s supposed to be a surprise (or 2) at the end of the end-credits, but personally, I felt it was rather tame and a few minutes too long.


Don’t miss this modern day adventure of fun and friendship, mums and dads. The kids are gonna love it! Also, can the Disney princesses team up in another movie soon?

Ralph Breaks The Internet (Wreck-It Ralph 2) opens in Singapore cinemas on 22 November 2018.

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