5 compliments husbands give their wives that can be annoying!

5 compliments husbands give their wives that can be annoying!

Though you may mean well, there are compliments you might want to avoid telling your wife, especially when they're not in a good mood!

Complimenting your spouse regularly is one of the ingredients of a happy marriage. It reminds them that you appreciate them and that you value them. But did you know that some well-meaning words of praise can actually be taken the wrong way, especially when your better half isn't in the best mood? Here's some of them!

"You're adorable when you're mad!"

Though you may be trying to lighten the mood, your wife may feel even more offended. Saying she's cute when she's upset can make her feel like you don't value her feelings. Try to save jokes for when she is feeling better.

"But I liked that you gain weight!"

If your wife has been trying to lose weight, trying to make her feel better by saying she looks better when she's heavier can make her feel even more upset, even if you're trying to make her feel beautiful no matter what.

5 compliments husbands give their wives that can be annoying!

"You should always dress up like this!"

Though meant to compliment how nice she looks when she gets dolled up, some women find this insulting, as it implies that they don't normally great in your eyes.

"You look fine..."

This may be taken as a dismissive statement meant to end a conversation. When your wife asks "How do I look?" try to be more specific: "You look like a move star!" or "You're stunning" are good examples of compliments to sweep her off her feet.

"I like it when you smile like this!"

This and statements like, "it's good you're being so positive about this" can be misunderstood to imply that they have behaviour that you don't normally like, but you're relieved that they are not currently acting this way.


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