9 Compliments Husbands Secretly Love to Hear From Their Wives

9 Compliments Husbands Secretly Love to Hear From Their Wives

Wives, you may not know it, but your husbands like to have their horn tooted every now and then!

Everybody likes to hear a good, well-natured compliment every now and then. Sometimes it can be the pick-me-up we need to get through a difficult day. Now, it’s never good to saturate someone with too many compliments. That can lead to a person feeling cocky, or having an overinflated ego. But a subtle compliment here or there can build someone’s self-esteem and generally make them a happier person.

In marriage, a good compliment shouldn’t be a rare occurrence, but the important thing is that the compliment is genuine! Most husbands regularly pay respects to their wives with genuine compliments. For example, “Honey, your dinner is the best,” or “Wow, you look stunning tonight.”

Wives aren’t necessarily stingy with their compliments, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell the appropriate time to dish out a compliment to their husbands. Guys are typically less likely to emote and won’t usually show gratitude for a good compliment anyway. In any case, there are some things that fly under the radar that husbands love to be complimented on…wives may just not know it yet!

Thankfully, this list of things wives should be complimenting will help!

1. His clothes/wardrobe

9 Compliments Husbands Secretly Love to Hear From Their Wives

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Guys don’t typically put in as much effort into getting dressed as women do. However, when they do, they love to be complimented. Wives, if your husband dresses up for you on your next date night, or he looks particularly sharp on his way to work, let him know! The more specific the better, too. Compliment anything from his shoes, shirt, tie, or watch!

2. How safe he makes you feel

Knowing he provides you with a sense of security will surely make your husband’s day. It makes him feel important and needed. It also makes him feel masculine, and will surely have him feeling more manly than ever. Try letting your husband know that you feel comfortable and protected soon, wives!

3. His smell

9 Compliments Husbands Secretly Love to Hear From Their Wives

Wives, you’ve probably noticed that you’re more attracted to your husband when he’s fresh, wearing nice deodorant, and sporting some of his fanciest cologne. Well if you compliment your man, he’ll be more likely to keep up the good work…or scent. It seems silly, but a small but genuine compliment about how he smells can help boost his ego.

4. His hair

Wives, your husband may not ever spend as much as time as you do on his hair. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t put in any effort into his appearance. While he probably won’t leave the salon after new haircut asking, “how does my hair look?”…he totally wants to! Assure him that his hair looks good, and give him the small compliment he secretly wants to hear.

5. His brains

This is a deeply rooted compliment that everyone loves hearing and it all started when you were a child. As you grow older, you’re not often surrounded by people that will praise you for your smarts or your intellect. If your husband notes, quotes, or does something intellectual or wise, try praising his wits. It’s a compliment that doesn’t get genuinely thrown around too often and can have him feeling as proud and intelligent as a “smartypants”.

6. How strong he is

There lies some primal need in a man’s brain to feel as though he’s the alpha male. He needs to know that he is strong. Dominant, even. While he may not be Superman, you should try organically inserting this compliment into your day whenever applicable. Next time he opens up a jar for you, pat your husband on the bicep and let him know that he’s tough!

7. How trustworthy and dependable he is

9 Compliments Husbands Secretly Love to Hear From Their Wives

Husbands love hearing how dependable they are, and they really love hearing how trustworthy they are. Why? Because like you, they worked very hard to establish that sense of trust. Now that he has it, pay a little respect to his hard work and effort by letting him know how much you trust him and how much you can depend on him.

8. His sense of humour

While you shouldn’t encourage a joke or anecdote that isn’t funny, there’s nothing wrong with assuring your husband that he’s funny if you genuinely think he is. Husbands love being a source of joy for their wives, and there’s nothing like a good laugh. If your man hears he’s a continuing source of joy and laughter for you, he’ll undoubtedly be very flattered.

9. His looks

As with wardrobes and hair, your husband will probably never be as concerned as you. But, he still cares about his outward appearance, and when he hears he looks good from the person that means the most, he’ll be happy to hear it. Compliment your husband about his looks and he won;t just be flattered, he’ll be likely to pay you some compliments as well!


This article was based on a post from Cosmopolitan 


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