7 Most Annoying Toddler Habits

7 Most Annoying Toddler Habits

Mum's love is unconditional, mainly because if it weren't, chances are we would dump the little twerp somewhere far. Toddlers provide lots of joy and laughter, but here are 7 annoying habits that make us want to tear our hair out in frustration.

Being a parent to a preschooler is fulfilling and provides loads of joy most of the time. The other half the time, we are just trying to stop ourselves from putting hands around the little one's tiny necks or tearing our hair out in sheer frustration. Toddler habits can be adorable, but not always.

Here are 7 things they do that especially annoy us.

1. When they get those tiny bits of toilet paper stuck between their butt cheeks

7 Most Annoying Toddler Habits

So you finally managed to potty train the kid. And you even manage to get him to wipe up after himself after a big one. Congrats!

And then you find those icky, occasionally brown-stained bits of toilet paper that fall out the next time he takes off his undies. And the judgmental stares the preschool teacher gives when she's the one who finds the bits. Sigh.

2. Making you read the same book for the nth time

7 Most Annoying Toddler Habits

Usually after the 6th consecutive night of reading about how Pooh bear got stuck, you just want him to remain stuck for all eternity in the 100 Acres wood.

That, or run the book through the shredder.

3. Their hyper sensitivity to any movement during bedtime

7 Most Annoying Toddler Habits

My daughter is a cuddler. Like, she will literally canon-ball herself and burrow deep into whoever is co-sleeping with her that night. And the moment you move a mili-inch, no matter how deep asleep she seems to be, she will let out her banshee wail and cry bloody murder. Forget about trying to get some washing done while she's asleep.

4. Their toys that ambush you

7 Most Annoying Toddler Habits

Every time you need to get out of bed, and you don't want to turn on the lights because that might wake them (especially him, see above point), you can bet that will be the day you missed out the stray Lego piece on the floor. It's like the toys come alive and scuttle out of their hiding place to lie in wait at the most opportune places the moment they hear you stirring from your sleep. Sneaky little twerps.

5. Tattle-taling


As it it's not enough that you have to put up with him whining about a whole list of tiny transgressions that his brother committed the moment you get home from work, he's going to turn this finely-honed skill on you too at some point.

If you think you got away with stuffing your face with chocolate or if you had been gossiping about your neighbour without noticing that he had been in earshot, you can guarantee that your kid is going to tell on you. And they have this knack of choosing the exact right person to tell at the exact right moment to cause you maximum embarrassment.

6. "Your iPhone is disabled for 5 minutes"


When your toddler picks up your iPhone and starts delightedly punching in the buttons just so he can feel the vibration that comes after he has punched in the wrong passcode, you know it's going to be disabled for the next 5 minutes - that's if you're lucky. Sometimes, because he's so fascinated with your phone that he's really quiet for a long time, you get your retribution for leaving him unsupervised by getting your phone locked for an equally long period of time. My record so far has been for a full hour.

Usually, at these times, you would also desperately need to use your phone to make a super urgent work-related call.

7. That snot!


Lots of it. Everywhere. E-ve-ree-where.

Now we all know why a mother's love is by necessity, unconditional.

What other annoying habits does your toddler have that has you tearing your hair out in frustration? Let us know in the comments box below!

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Leigh Fan

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