Classical Feng Shui Tips To Help Your Children With Learning, Health and Sleep

Classical Feng Shui Tips To Help Your Children With Learning, Health and Sleep

Child development is any parent’s No.1 priority. It’s the ideal goal to strive towards, but the tricky part is how to reach this ideal in the first place.

You might not have thought of it, but Classical Feng Shui could be the answer you’ve been searching for. The ancient Chinese Metaphysics study just might be the X-factor that elevates your parenting skills to new heights. How exactly?

Here’s how Feng Shui could effectively bolster your child’s learning, health and sleeping aspects!

Classical Feng Shui Tips For Learning

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Your child deserves all the support he or she needs when it comes to rigorously pursuing a good education, and Classical Feng Shui can help out on that front!

Having a study room at home that specifically aids your child in acquiring new information, finishing their homework and revising for exams is of paramount importance for any parent so that their child can readily satisfy their learning needs outside of school!

Classical Feng Shui can positively boost your child’s learning prowess through Study Room Feng Shui. For example, Study Room Feng Shui posits that it’s vital that the study room is located upstairs.

This is because the Qi on the upper floors of a building is calmer and more passive than the Qi on the ground floor (based on the notion that Qi flows downwards and never upwards).

Therefore, in a calmer environment, your children will absorb information easily and naturally – perfect for when they’re revising for exams or doing their homework. Honing your child’s academic prospects in the household early on is certainly a great way to get the ball rolling regarding the child’s future prospects!

Classical Feng Shui Tips For Health

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In Classical Feng Shui, how your child develops into a healthy, productive adult depends on how you harness the right energies in the surrounding environment to positively impact your child’s growth.

When we think about our kid’s health aspect, the first thing that comes to mind is what our children consumes – the food your child eats could make all the difference between possessing good health or poor health!

Classical Feng Shui thus plays a vital role when it comes to your house’s kitchen (where Qi is prevalent) since that’s where most of the food you eat at home is prepared. The biggest thing you should concern yourself with in Kitchen Feng Shui is the position of the stove in relation to the sink.

For instance, a stove and sink are directly opposite each other causes a clash of Fire and Water elements which is a major concern for frequent kitchen users. However, you can easily mitigate this particular issue by putting a console or island between the stove and sink to avert this clash and safeguard your child’s next meal!

Classical Feng Shui Tips for Sleep

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It is vital that your child is always getting proper sleep in order to feel recharged to take on the challenges that might come the next day!

The younger the child is, the more active they are! It’s normal for kids to play aggressively until they tire themselves out, yet it’s the onus of the parents to ensure their kid gets the proper rest they needed in order to feel revitalised for the next day.

Using Bedroom Feng Shui, you could foster good sleep for your child by simply re-positioning the headboard of your child’s bed against a wall, and not a window (which is commonly the case in many modern households).

Why’s that? Well, since sleep is a passive and Yin activity, the bed should be positioned against a Yin feature (e.g. a wall since it doesn’t move). Positioning the bed’s headboard against a Yang Feature (e.g. an open space like a window) could result in imbalanced sleep which could later lead to severe health issues.

By helping your child to get some good sleep, not only are you preserving their good health, you’re also emboldening them to prioritise sleep in their lives!

By applying the above Feng Shui knowledge into your household, you’ll foster a more ideal and harmonious home for you and your kids!

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