Andie Chen Lets His Children Skip School to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

Andie Chen Lets His Children Skip School to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

The celebrity dad recommends doing so and here's why.

Parents could possibly find themselves in turmoil during the COVID-19 pandemic as new cases of infections involving school-going children surface. No matter how “foolproof” the precautionary measures are, a parent cannot help but worry—time and again—about the possible risk of infection while their child is out in school. 

Letting children skip school

With schools that remain open, it minimises the disruption to children’s learning, which is the ideal situation. So when dad Andie Chen posted about letting his kids skip school in his Instagram post, it certainly got us wondering… 

“We have chosen to let our kids skip school,” wrote the celebrity dad on 29 March.

The father of two to kids Aden and Avery, explained that it is “to combat this pandemic and to lessen the load of our school”. 

Andie Chen Lets His Children Skip School to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

The #Kandiefamily with Aden and Avery. | Photo: andiechen / Instagram

Contrary to what Andie does with his kids, not all parents have the luxury of staying home, or even have the option to work from their homes. Having children stay home instead of being in school would mean having to facilitate their learning and tend to their needs, which could be a form of stress and confusion.

And the dad acknowledges this fact. “I understand that not everyone will be able to do so but if you can, I recommend it,” he said.

For some children, it can also be frustrating to feel cooped up at home, in addition to the cancelled plans due to COVID-19. But with some creativity, there are many productive and fun things you can try together as a family. 

children skips school

Andie, dad of two, allows his children skips school, for the better good. | Photo: andiechen / Instagram

“Staying home doesn’t mean not doing anything,” explained Chen. “We bring them for swims and walks outdoors. When indoor we do stories, workbooks and board games.”

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, it presents a learning opportunity to exercise patience and be more understanding of each other. And perhaps, it is also a way to teach the little ones in practising mindfulness: with them remembering to wash their hands and learning the importance of personal hygiene, among others.

“Stay home and stay safe guys,” the dad ends off his post with some words of encouragement and concern during this trying time.

Measures in place: Gov’t

In efforts to contain the outbreak, all students in primary and secondary schools, as well as junior colleges and centralised institutes will engage in home-based learning, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said. Starting in April, students will have one day of home-based lessons a week. 

MOE kindergartens however, are not affected by the arrangement, and schools remain open for learning.


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Andie Chen Lets His Children Skip School to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

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