Future of Us Exhibition: A journey that explores Singapore’s future

Future of Us Exhibition: A journey that explores Singapore’s future

This is your last chance to catch this free and interactive exhibition at the Gardens by the Bay. The family friendly exhibition caps the SG50 celebrations by taking us 15 years into the future. Catch what Singapore will be like in 2030 before 8th of March.

What will Singapore be like 15 years from now? Will life in 2030 be vastly different from what it is now? Will we really live in floating cities?

Take the whole family to find answers to these questions and more at the the Future of Us Exhibition on at the Gardens by the Bay till March 08. Yes, this is your last chance to catch this extremely interactive and informative exhibition.

Future of Us explores the exciting possibilities and shared dreams for our future, building on the legacy of those who came before us. Here are the 6 six immersive and interactive zones that are pitched to be accessible to visitors of all ages:


The Future Express

In the year 2030, we celebrate SG65. The Future Express imagines the newspaper of the day looking back at 1965 and 2015, and projects the possible headlines in 2030 – these include: Are edible gardens everywhere. Can drones queue on our behalf? Will petrol kiosks be a thing of the past?

Theatre of generations

This is where you meet the four main characters of this journey into the future -- Yi Xin, Joseph, Faizal and Ravina – through a short film. While these four characters exist in 2030, they have strong links to another set of characters, their grandparents, who belong to the 1960s. The film, which is screened on the domed surface, depicts how the choices of tomorrow have deep roots in the past.

Symphony of the city

This second dome invites viewers to settle down comfortably into bean bags and journey into the future world of Yi Xin, Joseph, Faizal and Ravina as they make their way home. The short film screened here depicts what how technology enables positive changes to Singapore’s underground and aboveground spaces. It also shows what the road systems, and flora and fauna could be like in the future.

Future of UsHome tomorrow

This dome is perhaps the one that really catches our attention. With models of what the residential spaces could look like in the future – it invites the viewers to imagine how we could live, work and play in a future that is not too far away.

Blue Skies

After taking in a lot of information from the first four areas, this dome encourages us to reflect on what our dreams and aspirations are for the future. We are then invited to pen down our thoughts and watch them beamed into the sky, joining the other stars in one of the many constellations in this digital sky.


The Lion

Once you come out of the domes, you will see a 4-metre tall model of a lion looking outwards, towards Singapore’s journey into the future. Get onto the swings and watch the surprise in store.

When: On till 8 March 2016
Time: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Where: Gardens by the Bay (near Bayfront MRT station)
Price: Free admission
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