COVID-19: Things To Do To Make Staying At Home Fun For The Kids

COVID-19: Things To Do To Make Staying At Home Fun For The Kids

Here are our top picks on activities you can do at home to make staying at home more productive and enjoyable for the whole family!

With the World Health Organization (WHO) recently declaring COVID-19 a global pandemic, Singaporeans have been advised to minimise social contact and avoid overseas travel. And that has every parent on our island scratching their heads and wondering what to do during holidays this month! 

Well, apart from a staycation (or two!) at any one of our wonderful resorts based in Singapore, here are a few other tips to help all of you keep the kids occupied and get you through the holidays with your sanity intact!  

What to do during holidays and stay-at-home days: DIY

Plant herb gardens in recycled containers

Plant some easy to grow herbs like basil, mint and cilantro and even leafy greens like Kailan, Kankong and Chye sim. Your little gardeners would not have to wait too long to see them sprout as these plants are quite fast-growing! They can be planted in old recycled and repurposed containers. You can cut out the tops of milk bottles, fill egg trays with soil, and even utilise old yogurt and ice cream containers for this purpose! This activity will not only teach them patience and equip them with a love for growing plants, but it also teaches them to be creative and repurpose old items into something new. 

COVID-19: Things To Do To Make Staying At Home Fun For The Kids

Up-cycled cartons, boxes and plastic bottles which have been cut open and filled with soil, then planted with herbs and other edible plants. Photo: iStock

Holiday bullet journal; scrapbooking

Keep older kids occupied by introducing them to the world of journaling! The practise of bullet journaling, in particular, can be very enticing to pre-teens and teens. There are loads of videos on youtube detailing the phenomenon of bullet journalling, which is not only a diary and a planner which can be made on any empty notebook, but a place to doodle, let ideas loose, be creative and also apply scrapbooking techniques. 

Let their creativity shine 

Staple together empty pages from old notebooks and make your kids their own “novels”, to fill in with stories, illustrations and everything in between! 

Recyclable crafts

Introduce the kids to a bit of simple sewing! Repurpose old clothes into fun bandanas or scrunchies to tie their hair with! You can also make book covers, t-shirt bags, pencil cases and even quilts for more long-term projects, out of old clothes and bed covers! The possibilities are endless, and it may even spur your little one to take on the world of fashion designing in a more eco-friendly manner when he/she grows up!  

Little chefs

Print out a few easy recipes for your kids, and let them choose the menu for the day. These can include sandwiches, simple egg-based recipes, fruit popsicles, and even easy no-bake cheesecakes and desserts. 

COVID-19: Things To Do To Make Staying At Home Fun For The Kids

Little Chefs – let your kids plan out the menu for the day! Photo: iStock

What to do during holidays: Little Experimenters 

Let them be the mums and dads for a day!

Once they’ve tried their luck with a bit of simple cooking and meal-prepping, maybe it’s time for a little experiment! 

Let them be mums and dads for a day and engage in preparing meals with minimal supervision, and doing some light cleaning around the house. It will fill them with a renewed appreciation for you and a sense of purpose in themselves, and a nice bonus: you get to put your legs up a bit and rest! 

Make their own documentary

Let your kids make and edit (depending on their ages) their own documentary or movie with animation software or even the simple video feature on smart devices. Filming a ‘day in the life’ of their family, or a ‘Lego tutorial’ will keep them occupied for quite a substantial amount of time!

Do make sure the device is not rigged to the internet and the home movie does not accidentally get streamed to the public!

Kids, say hi to Ms. Marie Kondo

Does it spark joy? Keep it. Does it not? Give it away.
Get your kids to apply this principle by the famous organising consultant Marie Kondo and help get their closets, wardrobes, and bookshelves in order! Teach them to give away clothes, toys, and books that do not serve them anymore, to charity or to those who need them more than they do. This practise not only teaches them to be more oragnised, but it also helps them to value their material possessions more, as well as helping out those in need. 

Disclaimer: The KonMari method does not apply to textbooks! Make sure this is conveyed or before you know it they will claim their school bag does not spark any joy and all your child’s textbooks will be in the donation box!

What to do during holidays and stay-at-home days: Better, together


COVID-19: Things To Do To Make Staying At Home Fun For The Kids

Movie night! Photo: iStock

Movie nights

Relax! It’s the holidays after all! Treat your family to more than usual movie nights (and sometimes mornings as well)! Make sure you pepper in their usual family movies, with some good old classics from your childhood. Consider introducing them to age-appropriate content that makes them ponder, and narrate and explain the scenes as you go along so they understand the movie.

Bring out the board games

The holidays will never be complete without a board game or two! Consider introducing them to newer and more challenging games. It will also be fun to bring in some games from your childhood! 

Don’t forget the mind games either! Keep the kids occupied with a round of I Spy, or Categories while you do the laundry! Engage in some charades in exchange for movie night! 

Have a picnic

Have a picnic in your living room! Spread your mats or an old cotton sheet on your floors and set out a basket of food! Let the kids snack on picnic foods for lunch or dinner!
Take the picnic downstairs to your void deck, or a grassy patch under the trees! 

You can also let them build a blanket fort over your dining table and have their picnic underneath!


Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere!  

COVID-19: Things To Do To Make Staying At Home Fun For The Kids

Get your kids involved in a family springcleaning activity! Photo: iStock

Get your homes nice and shiny! Set aside a day for spring cleaning and get the whole family involved in the process! Dust, mop, wash floors and let the kids help out (under your watchful eyes!). Educate them on the importance of personal hygiene and the importance of keeping our living spaces clean, especially in times such as these where we find our country facing not only the coronavirus but also an increase in dengue cases. Make it a fun and educational activity by emptying out any containers that may be storing water, checking under sinks, flower pots and cupboard for potential breeding spots.


So there you have it! A list of activities to help plan out the coming week! What was your personal favourite? Do let us know in the comments below if we have missed out on any other interesting activities!

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