Small child destroys over $USD 1,000 worth of premium makeup!

Small child destroys over $USD 1,000 worth of premium makeup!

Sephora child destroyed makeup display counter worth USD $1,300 to the shock of staff and customers alike.

Brittney Nelson, a Georgia-based makeup artist was shopping for make at Sephora and was shocked to come across a situation where a child destroys makeup display.

She later spoke to INSIDER and said that although she didn’t see the child who did it, there was a mom herding her young child out the entrance when she entered the store. She added that the Sephora staff handled the matter very calmly and were quick to tidy the floor and the display.

She snapped a couple quick pictures of the displays and shared the following post on her Facebook page along with the images.

Child destroys makeup display at Sephora!


She woke up the following day to an internet storm worth of tweets and comments on her post.

It turns out the post had sparked a huge debate about shopping with kids leading down the path of mum-shaming versus kid hating with vehement support on either side.

Some posters are arguing that mums should leave their kids at home when they go shopping whereas others are saying that it just isn’t always possible to do so.

We think that kids should always be welcome in shops, but it’s important for Mum and Dad to keep a keen eye on them at the same time.

What do you think, mums? And what would you do if your little one took a swipe at one of Sephora’s colourful eyeshadow palette displays?

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