OMG! Wife Avoids Makeup Removal Before Husband To Impress Him!

OMG! Wife Avoids Makeup Removal Before Husband To Impress Him!

Keeping your makeup on all the time can have a negative impact on your skin. Know more about the unique story of this wife who avoided makeup removal to keep her husband impressed by her looks.

The story of Liza and Steven* spread online when in a confessional-style article, Liza admitted that she always avoids complete makeup removal before her husband.

Yes, you read that right. Liza never appears before her husband without makeup, especially her false eyelashes.

In all other aspects, Liza is like many of us, a devoted wife, Instagram-obsessed and beauty-obsessed.

Liza and Steven fell in love at first sight, and eventually, the two ended up tying the knot. In the beginning, Steven always complimented Liza on her beautiful eyes and also expressed that she looked breathtakingly beautiful in all her pictures. Although Liza casually remarked that camera filters enhanced her pictures, in reality, she used to spend hours to ensure her makeup was perfect.

Liza developed a fixation about wearing makeup when in college.

OMG! Wife Avoids Makeup Removal Before Husband To Impress Him!

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During her college days, Liza was always complimented on her unique, Eurasian looks. That is when she started taking special efforts to enhance her looks. She never went without makeup – even when at the gym or running a marathon!

She also avoided makeup removal before her husband when they were still dating.

When they were still dating, Liza waited for Steven to fall asleep so that she could remove the foundation from her face. But she continued wearing the eyelashes through the night just to wake up with beautiful eyes.

On one occasion when Liza went out with Steve without any makeup, he commented that she looked quite different. After that day, she avoided appearing without makeup in front of her future husband.

“Although Steven told me once that it was all right to go makeup-free in front of him,” Liza said, “I just couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving me if he was unable to accept my real face.”

Even after the two were married, Liza could not muster the courage to face her husband with her natural beauty. For three long years, she slept after Steven and woke up before him just to ensure that he saw her only with makeup.

No matter what, she always had her false eyelashes on. Whether she was out with him on a late-night dinner or a holiday, she never took off her eyelashes, fearing that he would leave her if she did.

Liza discovered eyelash extensions.

OMG! Wife Avoids Makeup Removal Before Husband To Impress Him!

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Once she found out about this fashion trend, Liza started using eyelash extensions. She continued to wear them all the time. She even wore them on the day her first child was born.

Liza recalled, “I even refused to remove my eyelash extensions on the day my first child was born and insisted on wearing full makeup to the hospital and delivery room!”

Liza has been wearing eyelash extensions for over seven years now. And she has never faced her husband makeup-free.

Avoiding makeup removal before her husband has negatively impacted Liza’s natural looks.

  • Liza shares that wearing false eyelashes was painful.
  • She was constantly under pressure that the falsies would fall off. She couldn’t even go swimming without goggles.
  • Her eyelids were affected as they became chronically itchy and swollen.
  • After wearing eyelash extensions for so many years, her real lashes started falling off. The weight that they had to bear took a toll on them.

While innovations in the beauty and fashion industry can help women enhance their looks, it is equally important to consider the implications of using them long-term.

When talking about enhancing your beauty, it is important to go beyond the looks and build a positive body image. This highly depends on the way you relate to yourself. Maintaining self-esteem, a positive attitude and emotional stability is the key to creating a positive body image.

Here’s how you can build positive body image in 3 simple steps:

OMG! Wife Avoids Makeup Removal Before Husband To Impress Him!

Image source: iStock

1. Learn to value your personality.

Self-esteem is based on how much you value your own personality. An understanding that others appreciate what you bring to the table contribute to your self-esteem.

At the same time, when you feel that your personality is not good enough, you start relying on your looks to have a positive impact on those around you.  Learning to value your personality by going beyond looks can help in developing your self-esteem.

2. Learn to develop a positive attitude.

You can develop a positive attitude by accepting yourself just the way you are. Your strengths and weaknesses are the qualities that make you. So while you must try to overcome your shortcomings, it is important to first accept them.

Giving too much importance to being perfect all the time, making unnecessary comparisons or being overly critical or judgemental towards yourself may be obstacles in building a positive attitude. 

3. Learning to be emotionally stable.

It is important to stay connected with your feelings, thoughts and desires to maintain emotional stability as you go through experiences in life. When others share with you any negative messages about your body, it is important to hold on to how you feel about it. This is crucial to avoid being vulnerable to the opinions that others have about us. 

* Names changed.

Source: Her World Plus, Psychology Today

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