Celebrity kids strut their styles!

Celebrity kids strut their styles!

Celebrity mummies might be hot but look at these celeb babies! They are so charmingly adorable that you cannot help but to go 'Awwwww'. And the apple certainly does not fall far from the tree as these kids prove they are fashion savvy too!

Hottest news about celebrity children

Hottest news about celebrity children

15 month old Baby Miggy struts in style!

Last week, we featured hot celeb mamas.  Well, who says only the adults can strut their stuff?  These celeb babies are so adorably fashionable that they give their parents a run for their money!

James Wilkie Parker-Broderick

His hyphenated family name is a darn good give-away of his celeb parentage.  The 9-year-old cherub is the only son of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.  And he certainly has taken after both of his parents as seen at the Harry Potter premier which he attended with his parents.  Combining his mum’s impeccable sense of fashion and dad’s laid-back attitude, he appeared with a casual style with an edge.  Photographed by People.com, he wore a short sleeve blue button-down, Tom & Drew’s mocha line pants, white sneakers and a straw Panama hat.  This natty get-up is certainly perfect for our weather here in Singapore!  If you like this style for your boys, keep the colours simple.  Match pastel tops with earth-coloured bottoms for a easy-going look.

Stella Doreen Mcdermott

Meet 3-year-old Stella, the only daughter of Tori & Dean stars, Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermott.  This young fashionista has been known to pick out her own outfits and enjoy being photographed.  Mummy Tori wrote on her twitter: ‘Stella McD poses while out shopping in Malibu haha! FYI she put together this whole outfit herself!’  She definitely has an innate star quality just like her mum!  On this regular day out with her mum, she paired a pretty flowered pink long-sleeve top with light blue berms and completed the outfit with t-bar sandals and a dusty pink hat.  Stella also did not forget to accessorise with a long yet simple necklace and Barbie pink pedicured nails!  If she can look this cute at age three, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with a few years down the road.  This is the quintessential look for feisty pint-sized princesses.  Take a leaf out of Tori’s book and let your little lady pick out her own outfits.  She might just surprise you.

Henry Samuel

Now take a deep breath and prepare to read Henry’s full name: Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel (Phew!).  The first born of power couple, supermodel Heidi Klum and R&B superstar Seal, has the craziest afro hairstyle and a street style that looks so charming on his tiny six-year-old frame.  Photographed with his mummy as they come out of a Ralph Lauren store, he sports a plaid short sleeve shirt, with a black and white striped long sleeve top underneath and frayed dark jeans.  He paired this season’s prints-on-prints perfectly and made it trendy with a street-grunge twist.  His style is perfect if you’re bringing your little boy for a dinner or a night out.  Tip: Baggy jeans are so last season, so make sure your young man’s bottoms are fitted.

Honor Marie Warren

This beautiful three-year-old princess is the daughter of the very sexy Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren.  People magazine caught her along with her parents, grabbing breakfast at Jack and Jill’s in Beverly Hills.  Decked out in an all-American style, she looked like she came out from Ralph Lauren’s catalogue!  And indeed she was in fact in a whole Ralph Lauren ensemble.  Here’s what she wore: mini cable cardigan, handkerchief top, skinny cargo pant and Allie Chambray Balley Flat.  She surely knows how to work this season’s cargo pants well.  Your own princesses would love this style too!  To emulate this, keep the pants and cardigan fitted but the top loose and airy.  Perfect for a young lady who wants to look pretty and cute while allowing her to run around with the boys.

Sources and photo credits: People.com, details.com, Torianddean on Twitter

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