Celebrity Kids Who Are Striking Look-alikes Of their Parents

Celebrity Kids Who Are Striking Look-alikes Of their Parents

These celebrities' kids are truly a chip off the old block!

Having kids is just like bringing mini versions of yourself into the world. Phrases like ‘she has your eyes’ or ‘he has your nose’ suddenly make you so thrilled to resemble your own child.

For celebrities being public figures with their faces all over social media, people get curious to see how their kids would look like, especially when the marriage is between two public figures. The public gets even more overjoyed when they see celebrity kids being exact lookalikes of their parents. 

To show how the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree, we’ve listed down several celebrities who have striking similarities with their children. 

Diana Ser’s Husband James Lye & Their Son, Jake

celebrity kids look-alikes or parents

Image Source: Instagram / dianaserlye

Like father, like son, the saying perfectly fits Diana Ser’s son, Jake, who looks like a “carbon copy” of his father. 

Diana’s followers on Instagram often comment on her posts about the two leaving comments to express their amazement at how similar Jake and her husband are. Diana even shared a post of the two and playfully captioned it ‘Where did my DNA go 🤔 #spittingimage’. 

Her fans agree that Jake truly is the spitting image of his father. 

Ben Yeo & His Sons, Jarius & Javier

celebrity kids look-alikes of parents

Image Source: Instagram / benyeo23

Ben Yeo and his two sons seem almost indistinguishable with each other that you might even believe they’re triplets! 

On Father’s Day, Ben uploaded a photo of him with his two sons, Jarius and Javier with all three sporting adorkable specs. Ben’s followers love the trio’s cute and playful dynamic and never miss a chance to comment on their uncanny resemblance.

We’re excited to see if his sons will also grow up looking exactly like their father. 

Jamie Chua And Her Daughter, Calista Cuaca

Celebrity Kids Who Are Striking Look-alikes Of their Parents

Image Source: Instagram / xcalikins

Jamie Chua’s daughter, Calista Cuaca, has also made a name for herself as one of Singapore’s top influencers. 

It’s no mystery where she gets her charming personality and beauty. The two resemble each other so much that they could pass for twins. Calista even regards her mother as her own ‘partner in crime’ in an Instagram post celebrating Jamie’s birthday. 

Both mother and daughter have also become social media sweethearts in both Instagram and Youtube. 

Nurul Aini & Her Eldest Daughter, Shaista

Celebrity Kids Who Are Striking Look-alikes Of their Parents

Image Source: Instagram / aanurul

Among her 3 children, Nurul Aini’s eldest daughter, Shaista, truly looks like a mini version of her. 

Nurul often posts stylish images with her children and one of which she is seen ‘twinning‘ with Shaista. At just 8-years-old, Shaista has shown close similarities with Nurul and can be seen following closely behind her mother’s footsteps. While her siblings do share common features with their parents, Shaista unmistakeably takes after her mummy. 

Huang Biren & Her Daughters, Janessa & Janielle

Celebrity Kids Who Are Striking Look-alikes Of their Parents

Image Source: Instagram / huangbiren

Huang Biren’s two little daughters, Janessa and Janielle, have garnered attention for looking exactly like their mother. 

When Huang posted on Instagram about #sgpaysitforward with her daughters eager to contribute to the campaign, it was clear where they got their sweet smiles and generosity from. 

Huang is only lucky to not only have one mini her but two!

Xiang Yun, Edmund Chen & Their Kids, Chen Yixi & Chen Yixin

Celebrity Kids Who Are Striking Look-alikes Of their Parents

Image Source: Instagram / xiang_yun_

Chen Yixi and Chen Yixin have also made the public astonished for being lookalikes of their celebrity parents, Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen. 

Xiang Yun’s recent post on Instagram on October 28 show the happy family celebrating her birthday, and it looks like Xiang Yun has a clone of herself sitting beside her. Her husband also seems to have his own copy standing next to them. 

The two siblings have grown up to be a mix of their parents with similar features they have gotten from both. 

Hong Hui Fang, Zheng Geping & Their Kids, Tay Ying & Calvert Tay

Celebrity Kids Who Are Striking Look-alikes Of their Parents

Image Source: Instagram / calverttay

The celebrity couple Hong Hui Fang and Zheng Geping also managed to grow a family with doubles of themselves. 

Tay Ying and Calvert Tay share their parents’ main features, but while Tay Ying seems to resemble her father more, Calvert Tay has his mother’s sunny smile. But there are characteristics between the two that seem to mix both their parents’ genes. 

In Calvert Tay’s Instagram post on Mother’s Day, it can be seen that the two siblings have a solid bond with their parents. 


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