'I've Had Enough': HK Actress Cecilia Cheung Addresses Baby Rumours of Baby No. 4

'I've Had Enough': HK Actress Cecilia Cheung Addresses Baby Rumours of Baby No. 4

This comes after the actress shared an Instagram clip which showed what netizens called 'bump' on her belly.

HK Actress Cecilia Cheung was cast under the spotlight again after rumours surfaced that she is pregnant with her 4th child.

It all started after she posted a behind-the-scenes video of herself posing for a work photoshoot on Instagram (28 Aug). 

While the video was brief, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Cheung, who has always been slender had a bulge in her lower abdomen (read: baby bump). 

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It also didn’t help that Cheung’s protruding belly appeared to be more obvious when she spun around in the video. 

'I've Had Enough': HK Actress Cecilia Cheung Addresses Baby Rumours of Baby No. 4

Cecilia Cheung on baby rumours: The actress clarified that there will be no more pregnancies in the future. | Image source: Instagram screengrab

Following the baby rumours, the mother-of-three took to a separate Instagram post (31 Aug) to address the claims to her followers. This was after she got ambushed by reporters asking if she was really pregnant while at a shopping mall earlier that day. 

“I don’t need to answer that,” said Cheung in the video.

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The 40-year-old who wore a baby carrier while doing her shopping earlier went on to explain that if she was really pregnant, it would have been impossible for her to wear a baby carrier and that she would not carry such a heavy child. 

She added: “These are basically things that pregnant women would not do.”

As to why she did not respond to questions about her rumoured pregnancy back then, Cheung stated that she had been too preoccupied with carrying her youngest son, Marcus.

That’s considering the fact that she has to wear a mask in the hot weather, Cheung wrote in her caption, while carrying her son and having to make sure she doesn’t fall.

“I can only drink water and pant until I got dizzy,” she wrote. 

Cheung also emphasised in the video that she is not pregnant and will never be in the future.

“Now I want to personally say, certainly not, definitely not, and there will be no more [pregnancies] in the future. I’ve had enough. No more having kids. Thank you, everyone,” the mum-of-three clarified.

Cheung gave birth to Marcus, her third and youngest son, in November 2018—although until now the father’s identity is still a mystery. 

'I've Had Enough': HK Actress Cecilia Cheung Addresses Baby Rumours of Baby No. 4

Image source: Apple Daily

The HK star has two other sons, Lucas, 13, and Quintus, 10, from her five-year marriage to ex-husband, Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse. They divorced in 2011.

Image source: Instagram/cecilia_pakchi_cheung, Apple Daily


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