Couple caught on video having sex on board a flight

Couple caught on video having sex on board a flight

Is joining the mile high club part of your bucket list?

Imagine you and the family are on your first ever plane ride together. You, hubby and the kids are buckled in and are about to take a groufie before takeoff to immortalise this milestone. So you pull out your smartphone, aim, but — wait — your screen captures some strange activity several rows behind you.

So you take a discreet glance to check. Is that... a couple having sex on the plane?! "Let's take the groufie later," you quickly tell your family (while you make bug eyes at your hubby and keep your kids' heads facing forward).

You might think this will never happen to you on the plane — but it is exactly the type of in-flight entertainment a couple travelling to Mexico watched onboard Silver Airways! 

Couple Caught Having Sex on a Plane

Instead of getting an uneventful and peaceful flight to Mexico, the parents of Twitter user Kiley Tully got more than they bargained for.

“My mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico and then they sent me this...” posted Kiley Tully on Sunday.  

I'm guessing Tully's mum and dad were about to snap a wefie to mark the start of their vacay to Mexico when they noticed some "frisky action" two rows behind them. The couple were too busy engaging in passionate sex (quietly, I hope?) to notice they had been caught having sex on a plane.

Amused Parents Continue to Film the Deed

caught having sex on a plane

Amused, Tully's mum continued to film on her phone. She even sneaked in a quick view of the rest of the cabin where passengers sat none the wiser about what was going on in the back row. Not knowing they had been caught having sex on a plane, the couple wrapped up their little stint and the video ended abruptly.

The airline has confirmed that the video was, indeed, taken on one of their flights and is currently investigating the matter. 

Although the video proves the couple was caught having sex on a plane, their faces were not visible throughout the entire video. Their anonymity remains safe for now. Imagine having your face in the throes of passion plastered all over the internet.

Sex in Public Is Illegal in Singapore

Although the video clearly shows the couple has been caught having sex on a plane, their faces are not visible, keeping their anonymity safe for now.

But what if you get caught having sex on a plane or in any public area, for that matter? In fact, sex in public in Singapore can get you in trouble. As long as the act is visible to the public, in the plane or not, you can be prosecuted for indecency

You might think it is okay if other adults saw you, but what if children catch you doing the dirty? How would you explain yourself then? How about the long-term damage to children?

Effects on Children When Exposed to Sex Acts at a Young Age

When children are exposed to sex before they can fully comprehend what it is, this can create a myriad of emotions.

Confusion, shock, fear, panic, disgust, curiosity, fascination, and guilt. It is a lot to take in at once. In the long run, it might even make them treat people like they are objects for gratification instead of admiring them for who they really are. Other long-term damages include:

#1 - Early Sex

Studies have found that the earlier children are exposed to sexual content, the earlier they engage in sex acts and get involved in casual, unprotected sex.

#2 - High-Risk Sex

Following this, the child may also engage in high-risk sex like being sexually active by the age of 13. They are also more likely to have multiple sexual partners, engage in frequent intercourse, have unprotected sex and even use drugs or alcohol before sex.

# 3 Sex, Love and Relationship Addictions

Although not every child will struggle with addictions after being exposed to sexual content, research shows that early exposure to porn is a risk factor for sex addiction and other intimacy disorders.

Introduction to sex should be gradual and in-line with your children's developmental stage. It is not something you want to slap in their face at such a tender age.

So remember this: Even if doing it in public knocks your socks off, think about your actions. Think about what this might mean to young children. So for goodness' sake, do not get caught having sex on a plane. In fact, don't get caught doing it anywhere in public!


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