Bringing a touch of novelty to the bedroom

Bringing a touch of novelty to the bedroom

Here are some tips to bring novelty to your sexual experience.

More often than not, couples complain of boredom in the bedroom, largely because of the repetitive nature of their sexual relationship. This could lead to frustration and stress in a relationship, which could cause serious repercussions if left unheeded. Under these circumstances, it is essential to bring a touch of novelty into your bedroom routine. Constantly innovating ways to please or surprise your partner will spice up your sex life and your relationship.

A very simple way to ensure novelty in your sexual experience is to try different postures from time to time. This will not only add freshness to the entire experience but could also open up a whole new world of sex to you. You can also try having sex at a location other than your bedroom to make things more exciting. Be adventurous!

Get rid of your inhibitions about sex toys and pleasure enhancers. Using sex toys during intercourse often heightens the experience. Try using these and other techniques to tease your partner's sexuality and your own, and see the difference in your sex life.

Lastly, if you have been a passive partner all along, then you could try being the initiator and the active partner, which in turn will make a world of difference to your sexual experience. Your partner may really appreciate this change in dynamics, and this could have significant impacts on your relationship overall.

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Sandra Ong

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