Getting excitement back into the sexual routine

Getting excitement back into the sexual routine

If you are facing boredom in your sexual routine, here's how you can spice it up.

Married Sex Does Not Have to Be Boring

Getting excitement back into the sexual routine

Many married couples today face the problem of boredom in the bedroom and often times in their relationship. This is more so if they have children.

If you do realise that you seem to be very bored in your marriage, it is important not to feel discouraged about the present condition of your relationship, especially in the bedroom, but to concentrate on what you can do to better it.

Romance is the key element for any successful sexual routine and it is essential to bring back romance into your life. One easy way to do so would be to focus on the early days of your relationship. This will help set the mood and pace for your current relationship.

Spontaneity is again very important in bringing back the excitement into your life. Let go of your old sexual routine and add passion to your new ones and you will see the difference! Foreplay is very important and often sets the tone for the entire sexual experience. You can start off by having a bath together in a bathtub. Do also take time to explore each other’s erogenous points, as well as talk about your fantasies. This will only add spice to your sex life.

Always remember – passion is very important, especially if you want to bring excitement into your sex life.

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Written by

Sandra Ong

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