Here’s How Married Couples Can Go Bold in the Bedroom!

Here’s How Married Couples Can Go Bold in the Bedroom!

You can add some spice to your normal bedroom routine by being daring in the bedroom. Here are some tips to turn the heat on.

When you have been with the same partner for long, it becomes important to add some spice to normal bedroom routine. Now that you are secure and comfortable, it’s the perfect time to try and be daring and unleash the flames of passion within you.


It could be anything unconventional and different from what you regularly do – perhaps you want to do a pole dance for your partner or get a Brazilian wax (ouchie!). You can also try different positions or partake in oral intercourse which can give you and your beloved some hot moments. If you are in an experimental mood, you can even buy some sex toys or bring in some light bondage ideas in your regular routine. The idea is to be adventurous, as it can be fun and exciting for both of you.


The best time to do it is when your partner is least expecting it. He or she will be too surprised to let it sink in and will definitely want to enjoy the new sensation. Whatever you do, do it with cent per cent zeal so that it makes you feel good. If you do anything halfheartedly and without confidence, you will hesitate during the performance and become self conscious, which in turn won’t allow you to enjoy it.

So, without further hesitation, just turn on the heat in the sack.

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